The USA Tops Global Research Performance

The more information people perceive, the more new unknown facts appear. That is why there are so many various researches are conducted every day. Despite the entire world contributes into this sphere of new knowledge, there are 5 countries that make the biggest investment, conducting numerous researches in various subjects. So, here is a list of the biggest contributions composed by The Nature Index that throughout these years collects the most significant achievements. The most influential achievements of top 5 researching countries are represented in this article.

The United States

In 2015, there was no other country that published more scientific articles than the USA. The country does everything possible to give any kind of help to the young generation of scientists. Comparing with the closest American researching rival, the number of published articles exceeds in two-thirds if to compare to Chinese ones. However, since 2012, this number has been constantly decreasing year by year.

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The second among top research countries is the Celestial Empire. While the American number of articles has been falling since 2012, Chinese scientists have alternatively increased the pace of their researches. Since then, every year, there is a 14% increase in Chinese scientific articles than it has been the previous year. That is supported by an enormous army of Chinese researches – 1.5 million people devoted their life to science for the last years. That is almost the same as the number of scientists in the entire European Union.


Even though Germany has much less influential researchers (only 360,000 in 2014), its researchers managed to produce about 9100 scientific articles, that is only 500 less than those published by Chinese colleagues. Moreover, their articles are really profound and comprehensive. Despite solid financing, German scientists have a problem with narrow fields of researches as they are locked by specialized contracts from investors. That is why the government is planning to increase the financing of science by 3% to 2020, which is expected to open a road to the young and knowledgeable generation of scientists.

The United Kingdom

With more than 8300 articles in the most popular magazines all over the world, British scientists are considered to be ones of the most impactful in the world. Their studies are cited in thousands of universities and their statistics are used almost in every third dissertation. British educational establishments are among the 50 most desired universities in Europe. However, things can go wrong soon, as Britain may leave the EU that means over 15% of funding will be lost. That may seem as not very big numbers, but those percentages have the value of €1.4 billion each year.

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The last in our global research list is another Asian scientific titan. Seven universities of the country are in the index of top 100 higher educational institutions in the world. Unfortunately, as in most of the countries, the government of the country has admitted that the level of scientific contribution has fallen by over 5% since 2014. Nevertheless, it has not really influenced the number of articles, published over this time. Some of the papers are of world significance that makes the local researchers integral for the world science as well.

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