It is important to be aware of what is a synopsis before you submit this piece of writing to your professor. Our professional experts from the custom writing company define a synopsis as a piece of academic writing summarizing a book plot and offer an excellent synopsis writing service. As a rule, synopsis writing is usually required by publishing companies to let the readers know whether a certain book is worth reading. One of the main reasons why writers encounter writer’s block is that because they find it next to impossible to fit the whole book into a few pages of synopsis. However, synopsis writing is necessary since it provides brief coverage of the book summary and can be used to focus on the main points of the book.

Reasons for Writing a Book Synopsis

The main aim of the synopsis is not merely to inform others about a specific book and whether it is worth noticing but also to evaluate and reflect on the book’s logic and coherence. When you work on a synopsis, you learn to notice the flaws and benefits of a specific book. Moreover, you learn how to analyze a book and pay attention to different details and literary devices. Further, if the very book is confusing in understanding, a synopsis of the very same book helps to get the idea in a faster way.

Why Is It Important to Write a Book Synopsis?

Are you a writer who has a brilliant idea for a book? You may have an outstanding idea of the most intricate plot but no publisher will agree to publish your book if he/ she has no clear understanding of what your book is about and why it may be interesting for readers and worthy of their attention and time. That is the very moment when a synopsis will become handy. When writing your synopsis of the book you plan to publish, you will have to cover the key details, pinpoint to the main characters and relationships between them as well as to let in on the ending so that the publisher could determine whether the book has prospects for success.

When one fails at synopsis writing, it means that he/ she was not passionate enough about it and was not interested in writing it. Take into consideration that you are not merely focusing on summarizing the book storyline. You should also emphasize the role of the characters you have introduced into the book as well as why they matter and how they interact with each other. Keep in mind that a good and efficient synopsis does not exceed the word count limit of 500 words. It may sound hard but try to fit into this restricted number of words: devote 300 words to the discussion and summation of the plot and 200 words to evaluating and discussing the characters.

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How to Write a Synopsis?

  1. Focus on action. Instead of filling the synopsis with contemplation, focus on activity. In other words, pinpoint the actions of the characters that make sense. Otherwise, you will not provide a high-quality synopsis by merely reflecting on the subject or the core issues.
  2. Ensure the synopsis is easy to comprehend. Double-check whether the synopsis really provides clarity about the book. Your readers should not have any questions about the book once they have read the synopsis.
  3. To avoid confusion, do not focus on all characters – just mention the main characters and how they interact with each other. You will surely have to leave some information out because you will not fit the content of the whole book into some 500-700 words.
  4. According to tips from professional writers working at our synopsis writing service, you should not include more than three characters into the synopsis. In another case, you will merely confuse the writers.
  5. Make sure you appeal to the readers’ feelings and emotions. It will help you to create some suspense in the story and make your target audience interested in writing.

What is a synopsis and what does it include? In short, it is a concise and succinct summary of a specific book, manuscript, movie or any other piece of writing. It is not only written on the existing movie or book but also on works, you plan to publish. For example, if you have written a book and have decided to publish it, you will definitely have to write a synopsis and send it to the publishing house. If you need professional help, you can ask our synopsis writing service writers to “write my synopsis for me.”

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A synopsis is also written based on a dissertation proposal. It greatly assists if you plan to move on with the research and need to get approval from your academic supervisor to continue your work. You can work on the synopsis on your own or you can ask professional writers to “write my synopsis.” When you order a paper from us, be sure that you will receive a high-quality writing that will exceed your expectations.

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Main Objectives of Synopsis Writing

  1. the publisher should obtain a clear vision of the whole book or story;
  2. the main idea/ message should be clear as well;
  3. it should be clear whether the story is appealing, catchy or exciting;
  4. it reveals the ending to be sure whether the book is satisfying and worth reading or not.

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Seek Our Synopsis Writing Help and Learn How to Format Your Synopsis

If you want to have a look at a synopsis example, you can find one on our company’s website. Overall, a properly written synopsis should follow such guidelines:

  • contain approximately 500 words;
  • be written in academic writing style;
  • be written logically, briefly, and concisely and without any subjective opinions;
  • be free from grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes, as well as typos;
  • focus on a few main characters.
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