Our article review writing service provides a great opportunity for students to boost their academic performance and get quality help from expert writers. An article review paper can be a challenging assignment for many students, as it composes both, a summary and a critical analysis of a specific literary work – in this case, an article. More so, students should be ready to provide a critical evaluation of the article and provide a personal reflection. The core aim why professors assign article review writing is because this assignment clearly demonstrates how well a student can understand an article and analyze it critically. This task also reflects the knowledge a student has in a specific research field. Moreover, writing a review article demonstrates one’s ability to express thoughts logically, concisely, and fluently. Furthermore, students engaged in article review writing practice more with self-expression and learn how to express their thoughts in a brief and concise form.

If you want to be successful in article writing, it is essential not only to know what is an article review but also be aware of the purpose of writing. One of the central purposes of an article review assignment is to provide specific information on a certain topic to an audience that might be potentially interested in it. Normally, each article review has its target audience. Therefore, you need to make it clear what issue or problem you have identified, why it is important, and why it is a pressing issue. When you write an article review, you are also expected to follow a specific article review format, namely, provide an article summary, justify your position, provide supporting arguments, examples, and illustrations, as well as a pinpoint to the crucial findings. In some cases, you have to provide an evaluation of the article in relation to the broader scope of research or a subject area.

If you think that an article review format is merely narrowed to providing your personal opinion, you are really mistaken. First and foremost, you have to provide a critical evaluation and analysis of the issues raised in the article. Second, you have to provide a response to the theories, ideas, and study provided in the article. All in all, it is essential to base your research on your reasoning and justifications. When working on an article review, you do not need to conduct any new research – you just have to focus on the existing research. The only situation when you may carry out your own study is when you need to correct some data or add some more information to the existing research.

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If you wonder how to do an article review, make sure you know the aim of your writing since an article review can both summarize and critically evaluate the article. As such, make sure to clarify which part – summarizing or evaluative – should be prioritized. If you feel that the assignment is complicated for you, seek help from our article review writing service. We will help you make your review writing unique and original in content.

Normally, when you start writing your article review, you should not also read the assigned article but also make sure that you have sufficient background knowledge in the subject. It is essential that you understand in general what the article is about. So, if you feel that you lack knowledge, spend some time reading additional information.

How to Write an Article Review:

1. Provide a brief summary of the article. Focus on the main idea, message, points, and examples.

2. Focus on the article’s strengths. First pinpoint to what the author does well in the article, what is good about it, what brings insights, etc.

3. After you have focused on the positive aspects, pay attention to the negative aspects and inconsistencies. If there are any gaps or logical fallacies, please emphasize. If the author has not provided sufficient supporting examples and illustrations, also underline this fact. Identify whether all questions raised in the article were answered.

4. Pay attention to the overall article structure: whether there is an appropriate opening paragraph, whether each of the body paragraphs is devoted to a single idea, whether the conclusion sums up all the points, etc.

5. If you have some questions after reading the article, please jot them down.

6. If there are some terms or concepts that you do not fully understand, investigate them in some sources or find definitions online.

7. Use a highlighter when reading the article and mark all the important information.

8. Only after all these steps can you start summarizing and evaluating the article.

9. Make sure you review the article review before submitting it.

Keep in mind that you can rely on professional assistance from our article review writing service if you encounter difficulties with working on your article review.

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How to Start an Article Review?

Come up with a catchy title that attracts the attention of the audience. After that, briefly introduce the article and provide some general facts about the main message. As an option, you may cite some ideas from the article. It is important to identify the article, what it is about, whom it may concern, etc. Only after you have provided the opening paragraph about the article can you start with the actual introduction of the review.

If you feel that the process of writing an article review is time-consuming, do not worry about it – choose a trusted writing service and delegate your assignment to professional writers. When you trust your paper to expert and competent writers, you can be sure that the paper meets the requirements, format, and standards. Moreover, when you buy article review help from our top-notch article review writing service, you can be sure that the task will be accomplished according to the set deadline. Master-Dissertations.com is one of such article review services that can provide quality assignment of any academic complexity, level of writing, formatting and citation style, etc. Moreover, one of the striking benefits of our article review writing service is that you get a plagiarism report alongside the completed paper. Our writers carefully scan each paper for plagiarism before delivering it to customers. Furthermore, you can rely on writers’ help with any formatting styles, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian, Vancouver, etc.

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