There is no single definition of a white paper, what sometimes causes real troubles to marketers whose task is to create content for the organizations they are working for. A traditional definition, which originates from the area of politics, says that a white paper is a legal document providing information about a solution to a specific political issue. In the technological area, such a piece of writing explains the theories introducing new technologies. In terms of business, this document serves different purposes, e.g. describing products, outlining business solutions, etc.

What Is a White Paper and What Are Its Peculiarities?

This is a piece of writing of a persuasive character that provides detailed information about a particular issue and suggests its possible solutions. In order to convince readers of the importance of the described matter, such papers should put forward compelling arguments and reliable data. It should be emphasized that these writing projects are not entertaining blog entries. They require painstaking research and a huge amount of time for being prepared in the right manner.

How to Write a White Paper

It can be said that there are no stringent requirements for producing this kind of paper. Still, in order to achieve the desired effect and the set goals, one should follow specific rules such as:

Length: It should not be less than 6 pages in length. Graphs, diagrams, etc. are to be included.

Structure: It usually includes such structural items as a title page, TOC, executive summary, which is an optional element, introductory section, body presenting data about the issue, offering a solution, suggesting an example of the organization applying the mentioned solution, and a concluding unit.

Complexity: Such papers are usually more complicated than any other project. Readers may need to read them several times to get the point. Do your best to make them coherent.

Format: PDF is the most suitable mode of presentation.

Style: Such works demand a serious approach. They have to be written well and edited thoroughly. Illustrative material demands special attention.

It is necessary to admit that this kind of report are not extremely long pieces of writing, as it is often thought, though they are longer than features.

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Role and Functions

White papers writing can help you expand your business and show your consumers that you are a pro in your sector. When looking for the way out of the unpleasant business situations, mangers often read position papers, as they are also called, published on different web resources. It means that your report can help executives shed light on the issues they are dealing with.

Hiring a Great White Paper Writer

Since position papers are rather specific in terms of format, information layout, and style, those who are supposed to write them often decide to turn to someone for assistance. It is essential to find the writer specializing in creating such pieces of writing if you desire to attract customers’ attention to your business. Luckily, you can make use of a supreme white paper writing service provided by our agency.

Our specialists are highly skilled in producing solid academic papers. They know how to investigate subjects, collect data and make its in-depth analysis. No matter the industry you need such kind of a report in, our professionals will help you. They can compose a work of the required length and in the appropriate style clearly highlighting the strong points of your business.

Our experts always scrutinize the instructions and the attached files before writing a white paper. Then, our proficient masters commence researching the matter in question. Our writers always look through a great number of only authoritative sources to find accurate and reliable data about the explored subject. If needed, they may conduct interviews with the experts working in the required branch of industry to get a full understanding of the issue.

Once all material is gathered, the assigned specialist will begin composing your work. Note that our white paper writers are aware of different writing techniques and methods meaning it will not take much time to craft a worthy essay for you. By the way, you do know that no one likes reading the text alone. The piece of writing including visual material is more attractive to readers. Our professionals know how to incorporate tables, diagrams and other material in your work to make it sound credible and look great.

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Significant Writing Rules

If you see that you cannot cope with your project, send us your write my white paper application immediately. In case you desire to try to create your piece of writing on your own, pay attention to the tips provided by our masters:

  1. You will have only a few seconds (three, if to be precise) to catch readers’ interest. It follows that your work has to be visually attractive. In other words, it has to be formatted well to make readers desire to look it through.
  2. Readers need only half a minute to understand whether they should read your project or not. Therefore, make sure to compose a thought-provoking summary of your paper so that readers realize that it is worth their time.
  3. You will have just about 3 minutes to engage the audience. It means that your work has to be appealing, focused on important issues relating to your industry, and include concrete facts only. Bear in mind that your paper has to be written in a simple language even if it is concentrated on a complex issue. Otherwise, people will not desire to read it.
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