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Advantages of Writing a Ph.D. as Introvert

benefits writing dissertation being invtrovert

Today, people enjoy putting themselves into various classifications. One of the most popular among them is according to the type of character – introverts and extroverts. It is said that an extrovert finds it easier to communicate with people and establish the necessary contacts in the society. What does that mean for education? The thing is that the majority of the Ph.D. students are solid introverts. Luckily, this type of character is of great help in the life of the researcher. Before making any foregone conclusions, let you first decide whether you are a Ph.D. introvert or not.

Key Traits of Ph.D. Introvert


Some people prefer solitude for better thinking and feeling comfortable. That is why they may sometimes avoid big companies.


Not only does an introvert prefer to rest alone, but to work as well. They try to fulfill all tasks by themselves and ask for help extremely rarely.


As a result of spending most of the time on their own, introverts are always focused on something specific. That is why they usually have profound knowledge in the certain subject.


You will not find an introvert who enjoys speaking a lot. And when it comes to talking, they are usually more than confident about what they are saying.


The same as words, introverts choose their company extremely thoroughly. Unlike the extroverts, they let only a few people into their lives.
There is nothing bad in being an introvert, and here are the major reasons why Ph.D. introverts have advantages over the others.


As your final thesis requires a lot of writing and spending much time alone, this state of things is one of the most appropriate jobs for introverts. Even though people say that introverts do not like to talk much, it is only a part of truth – they do like to talk, but only on the topics, they are personally interested in.


As it has already been mentioned, introverts are focused people. That is why they tend to be more creative than others, as multitasking kills creativity. The type of thinking they own lets introverts be more devoted to writing and is of much help during students’ life.


During the dissertation writing, Ph.D. introverts will not look for private relationships. Their goal is to finish the thesis flawlessly and in time, so finding a person who can give valuable advice will seem much more appealing to introverts, especially when this relationship can be turned into long-term ones.


Among all the tips for introverts, this last one is perhaps of the biggest importance. Focusing on a certain thing gives an opportunity to struggle to achieve something without any difficulties. In one word, persistence that introverts own is on a really high level, and, as you know, this character trait lets people achieve the greatest thing in their entire life – success.

June 26, 2017
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