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A concept map partly defines itself, as it refers to a certain “concept” or an “idea”, which is represented in a detailed plan. It also alludes to the visualization of ideas along with their entwinements. Thus, every nursing concept map assignment allows you to comprehend and analyze information better. Besides visualizing, your task is to divide lengthy subject matters into brief clusters, which facilitates the comprehension of connections between the central and secondary ideas. Learning to generate a decent concept map means improving your critical thinking skills so that you will analyze and check the material more profoundly. You will also expand your creative potential. Concept mapping is particularly essential when you work with nursing topics, as it is one of the most sophisticated fields of academic research.

The creation of concept maps helps to organize even the most complicated and bulky data, accomplishing your dominant purpose: being useful and understandable for your target audience. A well-generated concept map will help your readers or viewers memorize the presented information more effectively. People tend to get bored when the data is presented merely in textual format. In contrast, a vibrant presentation will always be based on the visualized mind mapping. Your concept map should be a multi-layered diagram that presents all the required material and investigations graphically.

Moreover, there are experts who are able to teach you how to write a concept map to make your research well-structured and coherent. You will learn to build a logical hierarchy of the researched themes, creating balanced interrelationships between the chosen concepts.

What Are the Elements of an Effective Concept Map?

The following features of concept maps will show you their entire usefulness and applicability.

  • Focus questions. What is your purpose for concept map generation? Is your concept map aimed to solve a specific problem? What is the focal issue addressed in your concept map?
    It is unadvisable to avoid asking such questions, as it will make your concept mapping more focused and determined. Focus questions will help you to define the key challenges in your investigation, as well as to adhere to the required context.
  • Nodes. Forming a protuberant feature of each concept map, nodes should be depicted in boxes or circles where your ideas are enclosed. Those nodes serve to encompass your concepts into separate frames. The format of nodes is hierarchical. It is favorable to represent notes using arrows or special linking lines.
  • Cross-links. Always bear in mind the interrelation of ideas in concept maps. If you focus on those entwinements, it will be easier to illustrate them with the help of cross-links.
  • Linking words or phrases: Those words are designed to entwine two similar or discrepant concepts. The linking phrases/words determine a specific category of connection that exists between your ideas.
  • Hierarchical structure. A hierarchical format of concept mapping has already been mentioned, but what does it mean? First, you need to place broader concepts, while narrower ideas should be arranged below. This way, you create a descending flow of your chosen data, making it easier to differentiate between diverse ideas.
  • Propositional structure. This concept map structure depicts how two concepts are entwined owing to the linking words. Initially, you have to produce a proposition statement based on two concepts and the linking phrase that creates the connection between them. Its format is as follows: concept-linking word versus phrase-concept.

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There are four types to analyze a nursing concept map:

When creating a nursing concept map, you will have to work with extensive material. Thus, a variety of mind maps encompasses system maps, flow charts, spider maps, and hierarchical maps.

  • System maps are aimed to arrange the details in model maps, which are based on flow charts. There are flow diagrams forms, as well as specific inputs and outputs.
  • Flow charts are particular maps, which generate detailed flow schemes.
  • Spider maps are based on the outward expansion of sub-topics, which are congregated around the specific element.
  • Hierarchical maps are the dominant ones because they are aimed to represent critical data above. Such maps also arrange the ideas by the order of significance.

The Efficacy of Nursing Concept Maps

Concept maps belong to the most fruitful teaching techniques. Why? Owing to such maps, students gain an opportunity to delve into burning issues. Mind mapping entails thorough evaluation and structurization.

Every nursing concept map incorporates a specific theory and amalgamates it with practice. Students get involved in case management and absorb vital information from educational journals. If to compare young researchers who produced concepts maps and those who did not form concept maps, the latter was not so successful in their academic projects. Simple outlining using concept maps helped to boost self-esteem and even expand the knowledge on nursing.

Students found it easier to grasp and check even complex themes they failed to comprehend without the generation of a nursing mind map.

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Favorable Aspects of Concept Maps Implementation

  • When you create a concept map, you will be able to assess the subject matter from various angles. The visualization instigates more insights into the topic.
  • The usefulness of a concept map lies in the facilitation of analysis of the wide-ranging data. When dividing your material into smaller parts, you will discover more specific points.
  • By generating concept maps, you gain new knowledge, being able to test your findings from versatile perspectives. Your learning methods are improving in the process.
  • If you are a visual learner, it is integral to master concept maps’ generation. You will analyze your concepts in an advanced way using graphical representations in contrast to sheer plan text.
  • Concept mapping influences your learning capability, stimulating your brain to keep new information more effectively.
  • Constant implementation of concept mapping techniques predetermines the attainment of metacognitive skills, which means the advancement of your thinking patterns.
  • Concept mapping serves to arrange complex chunks of material into succinct fathomable pieces. It nurtures a holistic comprehension of ideas you explore.
  • When you produce concept maps on a regular basis, both sides of your brain are engaged. Your analytical thinking, as well as creative capabilities, become impressive.

What is interesting, concept mapping appeared in 1972 when scientists carried out research aimed to evaluate children’s comprehension of scientific concepts. There was a need to simplify their research methods to gain more profound results. Nowadays, all scholars use concept maps to make their findings rationally organized. Mind mapping became one of the most valuable tools of profound but unchallenging analysis.

More teachers set concept mapping as an essential requirement for academic projects, as they help to effectuate all the valuable processes within the human brain. Hence, students absorb new material more quickly. It directly affects memorizing and deep comprehension of the subject. Owing to mind mapping and concept mapping in nursing, in particular, visual thinking among the undergrads is improved.

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