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As you begin the “final approach” of your Ph.D. coursework, you begin the planning phases of your dissertation. Obviously, the first step is to decide upon the question or problem you wish to address. Most students have a general idea of their topic area, but refining it into a problem statement and developing a research proposal can be a bit intimidating. This proposal must-follow institutional and/or departmental guidelines, of course, but it is the scrutiny of professors that usually generates the greatest anxiety. Not only do you need to have a question or problem of substance, but you must also present it in a scholarly manner with impeccable style and grammar. For an English major, this may not be an issue; for others, who find writing challenging, it is wise to seek assistance. Actually, the research proposal is the required presentation of what you plan to do producing the culminating work for your degree. Whether you are presenting your proposal to an advisor or to a committee, this is an important moment, and it must be absolutely the best writing you can master. Understandably, many graduate students have performed in a stellar manner throughout their coursework, but, when it comes to thesis or dissertation writing, they begin to doubt their abilities. For this reason, particularly at the Ph.D. level, many simply do not complete this final step of their education. If you are wondering how to write a research proposal due to all academic standards you can always find useful info on our website or buy it from our specialists. And we are always ready to do it for you.

Specific sections of every research proposal:

  • Title page: a short phrase describing your proposed problem or question; your name as the author; the department, institution, advisor, and date of submission. (format will vary with the institution).
  • Abstract: chances are, you have read many abstracts by this point in your academic career. It should, therefore, be easy to understand the format; the key will be to write yours specifically. Remember, the abstract is a brief summary (200 words or less) of the problem to be addressed, a short description of your proposed approach to the problem, and the potential implications of such a study.
  • Table of Contents: you have seen enough table of contents to know that you need to list content and appropriate page numbers.
  • Introduction: An attention-grabbing introduction will inform your reader of the primary focus of your research problem. You will need to justify your choice of problem and its potential implications for improvement in the research area or profession. A brief review of your understanding of the problem is in order here, including some reference to the research of others that has motivated you.
  • Statement of Problem/Question and Hypothesis: again, be brief and to the point. State the problem in clear and concise terms and post your hypothesis, putting the parameters on your particular research.
  • Design and Methodology: here, you must describe the design of your research, including the methods to be used, a brief description of the instruments you plan to create or use, and the procedures you will use to analyze the data you collect. You should also mention the limitations of your research, including nuisance factors that may present themselves.
  • Discussion of Previous Results: you may wish to include relevant research of others that you have already studied and how this research may influence and impact your research.
  • Plan for Timetable of Research and Completion: here, you will want to establish a flexible but clear timetable for completion of each phase of your dissertation. Remember that you will not be strictly held to this timetable, but your committee will want to see that you have a plan at the onset.
  • Implications of Research: in this small section, you will present the justification for your research by indicating its importance to the field of knowledge and/or to the profession.
  • Reference Citation: in this proposal, you have no doubt used the work of others. These should be appropriately cited, according to the guidelines of your department or institution.

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If you are feeling overwhelmed with the dissertation proposal, relax. You, like other Ph.D. candidates, have never done this before, and you should not feel incompetent or ashamed! Now is the time to get some professional assistance from Ph.D. professionals who have written hundreds of dissertation proposals for people just like you. You have the knowledge, you have the background, you have expertise; you are simply a bit unsure of your ability to consolidate it all into a scholarly proposal. Turn your anxiety over to those who have done this before! Turn to the experts at!

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Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is the beginning. This means that you must put together a research proposal that will pass muster and excite the interest of your advisor and/or committee. It must be impeccably written, beautifully presented, and be completely clear in focus. Your institution and/or your department will obviously have guidelines and a format for your proposal. As well, you have read the proposals of others and understand the sections required and the content of each section. Now it is time to customize these guidelines for the question or problem which is the focus of your research. Customizing the guidelines and format, you make the proposal unique and compelling.
This is a big responsibility, and you want to present it perfectly. Luckily, you have addressed the best professional assistance available for this project – the professional writing and editing assistance from When you contact us, you will immediately receive a consultation from one of our customer support representatives. During this consultation, you will provide all of the critical information and detail needed to move your task forward. We will need your feedback until we get a complete understanding of the guidelines, specifications, and requirements of your department or institution.

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How we are going to work on your research proposal

When you contact us with your proposal need, we will ask you crucial questions about your subject field, your proposed research question, and the hypothesis. We will take all of the necessary detail from you, and then we will locate exactly the right expert, a Ph.D. in your content field, take all of your information, communicate directly with you and create a research proposal that will “knock the socks off” your advisor and dissertation committee!
Throughout the process, your writer will maintain contact with you, sending you each section as it is completed, and making revision as you request. The writing and communication continue until you are totally satisfied with the product. Only then will your writer consider his or her work complete. When finished, your proposal will be a scholarly piece that you will be proud to submit! It will also serve as your blueprint – a work from which you can proceed to create your complete thesis or dissertation. Once you have received your proposal, and it has been accepted, we still will be here to assist you. The same writer will be available to work with you as you produce your thesis or dissertation, reviewing your work or creating sections, chapters, etc. for you. We are a full-service agency, and can provide as little or as much help as you need!
Students are necessarily on budgets, and we perfectly understand this. We are not the cheapest writing service in the industry, but we are certainly the best. For the quality and service you receive, our prices are competitive and reasonable. There are hundreds of agencies out there, but you will find that many are clearly inferior and cannot produce works worthy of submission at the graduate level. Study their websites carefully – you do not want to risk your academic career and professional future by utilizing the services of an agency that will deliver poorly constructed and/or plagiarized content. Cheaper services generally engage in these activities.

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We have gathered a team of Ph.D. academicians from all fields of academic study. They stand ready to help Ph.D. candidates through the entire process of designing and writing a thesis or dissertation proposal and to continue with these students through the creation of the final work. They are committed to providing individualized, customized assistance and writing assistance and will remain with the client until full satisfaction is achieved.

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We guarantee that every written work produced by our writers is fully original, and we will supply a plagiarism report (if you need one) to back this up. We guarantee your complete satisfaction and will continue to work for you until that satisfaction is achieved. We provide direct communication between client and writer, a service most other agencies will not allow. We allow requests for revision within 48 hours after the deadline expires if your order is less than 20 pages long. If your paper exceeds 20 pages, you have 1 month to apply for a free revision. Our customer support center is open 24 hours a day to respond to all of your questions and issues, and we will respond immediately, resolving any problem you may have.
You owe it to your future to use the best academic writing service for something as important as a thesis or dissertation proposal. Contact us right away for your consultation – you will be thrilled with our service, with the quality of your writer’s work and with the long-term commitment we make to each and every client! will exceed your expectations!

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