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Thesis proposal

If you are ready to begin your Master’s thesis or your Ph.D. dissertation, your first step is the research proposal – the required presentation of what you plan to do producing the culminating work for your degree. Whether you are presenting your proposal to an advisor or to a committee, this is an important moment, and it must be absolutely the best writing you can master.

Understandably, many graduate students have performed in a stellar manner throughout their coursework, but, when it comes to thesis or dissertation writing, they begin to doubt their abilities. For this reason, particularly at the Ph.D. level, many simply do not complete this final step of their education.

Here at, we understand your anxiety and burnout

It’s been a long haul, but this is no time to quit! It is time, however, to get professional assistance, and we are here to provide it to you!┬á we understand your anxiety and your burnout. It’s been a long haul, but this is no time to quit! It is time, however, to get professional assistance, and we are here to provide it to you!

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is the beginning. This means that you must put together a research proposal that will pass muster and excite the interest of your advisor and/or committee. It must be impeccably written, beautifully presented, and be completely clear in focus. Your institution and/or your department will obviously have guidelines and a format for your proposal. As well, you have read the proposals of others and understand the sections required and the content of each section. Now it is time to customize these guidelines for the question or problem which is the focus of your research. Customizing the guidelines and format, you make the proposal unique and compelling.

This is a big responsibility, and you want to present it perfectly. Luckily, you have addressed the best professional assistance available for this project – the professional writing and editing assistance from

When you contact us, you will immediately receive a consultation from one of our customer support representatives. During this consultation, you will provide all of the critical information and detail needed to move your task forward. We will ask questions – lots of questions – until we fully understand the research problem, question and hypothesis. We will need your feedback until we get complete understanding of the guidelines, specifications, and requirements of your department or institution.

Once we have all of the necessary information, the perfect writer is assigned. This writer will possess a Ph.D. in your academic content area and will have vast experience in writing proposals, theses, and dissertations for hundreds of other students. As soon as we have an order approval from the writer, you will be contacted and given a price quote. Once you have accepted the quote, the work on your project will begin immediately.

Throughout the process, your writer will maintain contact with you, sending you each section as it is completed, and making revision as you request. The writing and the communication continue until you are totally satisfied with the product. Only then will your writer consider his or her work complete. When finished, your proposal will be a scholarly piece that you will be proud to submit! It will also serve as your blueprint – a work from which you can proceed to create your complete thesis or dissertation.

Once you have received your proposal, and it has been accepted, we still will be here to assist you. The same writer will be available to work with you as you produce your thesis or dissertation, reviewing your work or creating sections, chapters, etc. for you. We are a full-service agency, and can provide as little or as much help as you need!

Students are necessarily on budgets, and we perfectly understand this. We are not the cheapest writing service in the industry, but we are certainly the best. For the quality and service you receive, our prices are competitive and reasonable. There are hundreds of agencies out there, but you will find that many are clearly inferior and cannot produce works worthy of submission at the graduate level. Study their websites carefully – you do not want to risk your academic career and professional future by utilizing the services of an agency that will deliver poorly constructed and/or plagiarized content. Cheaper services generally engage in these activities.

We guarantee that every written work produced by our writers is fully original, and we will supply a plagiarism report (if you need one) to back this up. We guarantee your complete satisfaction and will continue to work for you until that satisfaction is achieved. We provide direct communication between client and writer, a service most other agencies will not allow. We allow requests for revision within 48 hours after deadline expires if your order is less than 20 pages long. If your paper exceeds 20 pages, you have 1 month to apply for a free revision. Our customer support center is open 24 hours a day to respond to all of your questions and issues, and we will respond immediately, resolving any problem you may have.

You owe it to your future to use the best academic writing service for something as important as a thesis or dissertation proposal. Contact us right away for your consultation – you will be thrilled with our service, with the quality of your writer’s work and with the long-term commitment we make to each and every client! will exceed your expectations!

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