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How to Write a Dissertation

Use this concise and informative guide to learn how to write a dissertation. We have developed this guide for those who are going to write a dissertation but do not know where to start.

How to structure a dissertation?

Dissertations and essays are not the same things. They are also structured differently. Almost all dissertations are the products of original research that is done from scratch. However, it is still wise to consult your university requirements to check what your college or university means by “dissertation”.

Dissertation Writing Tips

Any dissertation is a longer version of a simple essay. Most often, students are entitled to write a dissertation as they are nearing the completion of their course or program. Professors often use the terms “thesis” and dissertation” as synonyms. One may mean another, and vice versa. As a result, by the moment you need to begin working on your dissertation, you will have enough experience writing academic essays. You will simply to add more text and graphics to make it work like a dissertation.

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