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The Most Extraordinary Medical Dissertation Topics

Writing a dissertation or a thesis paper is a part of academic curriculum, which can be either written as a part of academic course or individually. To make sure the paper is of high quality, you should clearly emphasize what the goals and objectives of your writing are. Therefore, coming up with an interesting and impressive topic can be a rather challenging task. Your topic is the very first step you make towards writing a successful academic paper in a specific field of study.

Gentrification Pros and Cons

What thoughts and images appear in your mind when you hear the phrase “American Dream?” Probably it’s going to be a good home, loving family, a car or two, the feeling of success and the notion that you have reached everything on your own because you live in America. A stereotypical suburban home is a very important part of this picture. However, for many people living in the US that beautiful suburban home may remain a dream, because of the housing dilemmas that the country is facing.

Advices on Starting a PhD

Once you consider choosing a career of a researcher, this guide to starting a Ph.D. will be of great help. Choosing the field of research you must consider a lot of factors. To start with, Ph.D. research needs perseverance and tough grind. Your working hours may extend to more than eight hours a day. Besides, you will have to work on Saturdays and Sundays as well. Find more useful information in this guide about starting a Ph.D.

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