Among all the existing academic writing tasks, interview essay format is one of the least often used by professors. Due to the specific structure and citation style, this type of paper requires certain knowledge and skill, as well as a lot of time for preparing the material. Clearly, not everyone is able to cope with this amount of work, especially at the end of the semester, when all the exams and tests need to be prepared to. If you are in such a situation, a perfect solution would be to buy interview essay assignments from a trusted company.

What Is an Interview Essay Paper?

In case this is your first time dealing with interview essays, you need to understand what they are made of. In general, this kind of writing is a documented dialogue between the interviewer and interviewee on a certain subject. In most cases, the interviewees are experts in some field, and the questions asked to allow to receive knowledge and a better understanding of some issues. In other cases, when the interview concerns some personal stories or people’s opinions about something, anyone can be in the role of the interviewee.

How to Write an Interview Paper: Expert Hints

The process of composing an interview paper involves several stages, and below you can find a brief overview of each of them.

  • Choose a topic. The instructors often provide the students with the topics for the writing tasks, however, even within one theme, there is a multitude of aspects you can focus on. Remember to choose a specific direction: it will help you to avoid presenting vague and meaningless information. In addition, it is always better to write about something that you find important or fascinating; then, the topic will inspire you to compose an outstanding paper.
  • Formulate the questions. The main rule here is being clear and specific. The questions need to stimulate the interviewee for informative answers with many interesting details. Try to stay away from the standard format and make your questions original and witty.
  • Find experts. Make sure that the people you contact for your interview obtain a unique experience in the field of your study. It is also important for them to be open and ready to share, as this will determine the style and content of your conversation.
  • Interview itself. It is advisable to meet the interviewee in a comfortable place with minimum destruction. Before asking the question, a little warm-up could be helpful, such as small talk or getting to know the person a little better. Then, while asking the questions, remember to record the answers accurately, as the direct speech shall not be distorted in your writing. A voice recorder or synchronic writing can aid you with this task effectively.
  • Analyze the results. After you receive all the answers, you need to go through your notes or recordings and interpret the information that you had heard. You need to see the person’s attitude to the subject, read between the lines, and analyze the answers critically to make your own conclusions later.
  • Compose the essay. It is up to you to decide how to start an interview essay: it can be done with an opening that explains the topic discussed, with 2-3 sentences describing the personality and experience of the interviewee, or with the questions right away. In any case, a small introductory paragraph is always appropriate. Then, you should write the questions and answers in the form of direct speech. It is not necessary to quote every phrase the interviewer said; it would be enough to pick out the highlight sentences that contain the most valuable information. As for your personal comments and ideas, they can be included in the text between the questions, or presented in a separate paragraph at the end of the interview.
  • Mind the format. As a rule, the questions are written in bold, and answers are written in regular font. Personal interviews do not require any referencing, as no academic sources are used for such works. However, you should clarify the format requirements with your instructor and meet them precisely. The different formatting styles can be found in interview essay examples online.

All in all, the stages listed above explain how to write an interview essay in general, but while doing your task, make sure to consider the specific requirements of your professor.

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