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Writing a questionnaire is a pretty difficult, time-consuming, and tiresome task A questionnaire is a list of questions aimed to help a researcher obtain more information on the topic. To provide the researcher with objective information, this list should include both closed-ended and open-ended questions. If you want to receive a good outcome, your questionnaire should be detailed, clear, and comprehensive.

What Is a Questionnaire?

In a nutshell, a questionnaire is a research instrument that includes a certain number of questions that aim to get objective, relevant, and accurate information from respondents. Typically, it is a mix of open-ended and closed-ended questions. Open-ended questions allow the respondents to elaborate on their thoughts reflecting on a certain topic whereas closed-ended questions require clear answers without providing the respondents with space for discussion. The data collected by a questionnaire can be both qualitative and quantitative. A questionnaire may be delivered in the form of a survey, however, a survey does not always contain a questionnaire.

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Main Advantages of a Questionnaire

  • With a well-developed questionnaire, you will be able to collect accurate and relevant data without spending much time on it.
  • A well-structured questionnaire will help you learn more information on the topic. For instance, a marketing questionnaire will help you figure out what your customers think about your company.
  • A questionnaire is a pretty cheap method of collecting information. In fact, the list of questions can be sent to your respondents via e-mail and you can avoid in-person communication.
  • If you manage to ask appropriate questions, you will be able to avoid biased answers.
  • A questionnaire can be customized to your brand voice; thus it can reinforce your brand image.

In other words, it is hard to underestimate the importance of a well-written questionnaire. If you are going to build your career in business, marketing, management, or any other related field, you need to know how a good questionnaire should look like. Having no sufficient experience in writing questionnaires, you should delegate this task to a professional writing expert, who will complete your task for you. By dealing with our questionnaire writing service, you will be impressed by the quality of a questionnaire created by one of our talented experts. This document will include the most appropriate, clear, and interesting questions that will enable you to receive sufficient information on the topic.

Main Characteristics of a Good Questionnaire

Pay attention that your questionnaire design depends on the type of information you are going to obtain from your respondents. Nevertheless, most questionnaires have the same characteristics:

  • Uniformity. In its essence, a questionnaire is a great tool for collecting personal opinions, demographic information, facts, and personal attitudes from the respondents. Thus, one of the most important attributes of a questionnaire is standardization and universal design. It means that every respondent should receive the same set of questions.
  • Exploratory. Your questionnaire should be exploratory in order to collect sufficient qualitative data. Pay attention that there are no restrictions on the type of questions to be mentioned in the questionnaire. Nevertheless, your questions should be clear to your target audience. Make sure that your questions do not include unknown terms that may confuse your reader because they may give incorrect answers or leave blank spaces. Pay attention that only if your questionnaire is designed in an appropriate way, you will be able to collect important information for your study.
  • Questions sequence. Although you can include various types of questions in your questionnaire, you should know that there are warm-up questions, classification questions, transition questions, finalizing questions, and others. Your task is to organize your questions in such a way to allow your respondents to enjoy answering them.

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Questionnaire Types

All questionnaires can be divided into two large groups: structured and unstructured ones. Let us have a closer look at these groups:

  • Structured. Structured questionnaires focus on collecting quantitative data. Such a questionnaire is usually planned and designed to collect precise information on the subject.
  • Unstructured. An unstructured questionnaire should collect qualitative data. They often use a basic structure. These questions do not limit the respondents` answers.

Types of Questions

  • Closed-ended questions. Closed-ended questions allow respondents to give short answers such as Yes/No, True/False, etc.
  • Open-ended questions. Open-ended questions enable respondents to provide their reflections on the subject having no restrictions.
  • Multiple-choice questions. Multiple-choice questions enable respondents to choose the most appropriate option from a couple of options suggested.
  • Scaling questions. Such questions are typically based on the principles of four measurement scales including ordinal, ratio, interval, and nominal.

There are many other types of questions that can be included in your questionnaire. If you are not sure what questions to put in your document, feel free to have a look at some well-written questionnaire papers available on the web.

Most of the questionnaires are distributed in the following forms:

  • Online questionnaire. You may publish your questionnaire on some website inviting your respondents to answer your questions. This method is the most time-efficient and cost-effective. Not being under the pressure, the respondents are more likely to give accurate and clear answers. However, the obvious disadvantage of this method is that people often ignore online questionnaires.
  • Telephone questionnaire. A telephone questionnaire is a questionnaire that allows the researcher to receive all the necessary answers by speaking with the respondent on the phone. Many people are puzzled by such questionnaires and give inaccurate answers.
  • In-person questionnaire. This type of questionnaire is conducted by visiting your respondents. The essential disadvantage of such a questionnaire is that many people feel uncomfortable with such a visit. Also, this type of questionnaire can be pretty expensive.

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