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The Hidden Secrets of Introvert Personality

Carl Young once claimed that every person has both an introverted and an extroverted side, where one is more dominant than the other. Introvert personality has recently become a center of many discussions. In particular, there were some thoughts on whether there are communicative introverts and how introverted side helps people attain success, for example. Moreover, it is important to shed light on the difference between introverts and sociopaths, because many people still confuse them. Being an introvert does not mean hating or avoiding people, or being a loner. Introverts are just more concentrated on the inner world, in particular, inner worries or feelings.

Gentrification Pros and Cons

What thoughts and images appear in your mind when you hear the phrase “American Dream?” Probably it’s going to be a good home, loving family, a car or two, the feeling of success and the notion that you have reached everything on your own because you live in America. A stereotypical suburban home is a very important part of this picture. However, for many people living in the US that beautiful suburban home may remain a dream, because of the housing dilemmas that the country is facing.

How Marriage Affects Your Student Loans

When you get married, you become legally bound to your spouse. However, saying “I do” does not necessarily mean dealing with your partner’s student loans. When you have made a decision to get married while still being college students, you should realize that you are responsible for your own loans that you took before marriage....

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