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Whenever you are pursuing your Ph.D. or Master`s degree, you will need to create a dissertation. Such an assignment is a serious milestone in the career of every student that should be given maximum attention and dedication. In order to write a great dissertation, you need to gather credible data from various resources with the help of efficient methods and interpret these findings. A dissertation discussion chapter is a place where the data should be interpreted. If you are not sure you can do it well, you can always rely on our dissertation discussion chapter writing service, and we will provide you with premium quality help.

Basically, in your discussion chapter, you need to explain how did you manage to address the research question mentioned in the introduction and how did you position yourself within the scope of your research. As you progress with your dissertation, it should fill a gap in the understanding of your research subject better.

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The structure of your dissertation discussion chapter greatly depends on what data did you manage to obtain and how did you structure your findings. Many students prefer to structure their discussion chapters in accordance with the research objectives indicated in the introduction. Choosing such a strategy, you will greatly help your potential reader understand if you managed to reach the goals set. If you are not experienced and qualified enough to work on this chapter, you can always rely on our reputed dissertation discussion writing service and we will provide you with a satisfactory result.

As well as any other chapter in your dissertation, a discussion chapter should have an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. So, if your introduction, you need to introduce your findings relating them to the introductory part of your project. In the main body, you need to present a well-structured discussion that will include strong arguments and evidence. Finally, your conclusion is the part in which you need to summarize your work explaining its theoretical and practical value.

The Importance of Critical Thinking

It is worth mentioning that in order to write a dissertation discussion chapter, one should possess great writing and research skills. However, what is even more important, in order to interpret the findings, the student should apply the best critical-thinking patterns. Without having critical thinking, you won`t be able to create a high-quality dissertation discussion chapter. Actually, for many students, writing a discussion part of the dissertation is the most challenging because you should not only present your data but also analyze it from different perspectives. In addition, critical thinking will help you link your analysis to other parts of your dissertation.

To facilitate the writing process, you need to create sub-sections that will help you structure your findings. By dividing your chapter into several meaningful parts, you will be able to explain your findings easier. When creating the titles for your subheadings, pay attention to make them fit your table of contents.

When writing your discussion chapter of a dissertation, it is critically important to follow the model that includes three major points:

  1. Describing;
  2. Analyzing;
  3. Synthesizing.

Actually, there are many different ways of how to write this section. However, if you want to get positive feedback from your supervisor, you need to focus on the following elements:

  • Interpretation. What do your findings mean?
  • Implications. Why do your findings matter?
  • Limitations. What the findings cannot tell?
  • Recommendations. What things would you suggest for the researchers working with your topic?

As such, a dissertation discussion chapter is your opportunity to show how did you manage to address the existing gap by your study.

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How to Create a Good Dissertation Discussion Chapter?

First, you need to start your discussion chapter by restating the research problem indicated in your introduction. Then, provide the data you managed to get. Don`t just copy-paste your data but provide a clear statement of the results you achieved in the research process. Then, you need to present your interpretation of the results achieved. In order to provide an in-depth analysis of the findings, you need to do the following:

  • Identify the main correlations, relationships, and patterns among your results;
  • Explain if the results meet your expectations;
  • Contextualize your findings within the scope of previous work;
  • Explain which results turned out to be unexpected;
  • Consider providing alternative explanations for your data;
  • Highlight the most significant findings.

Pay attention that the dissertation discussion chapter is particularly important for understanding the theoretical and practical value of your research. Therefore, you need to do your best to do everything right. In order to create a well-written and properly structured discussion, you need to avoid the following mistakes:

  • Do not introduce new findings. Pay attention that your primary task is to evaluate the findings introduced in the previous chapters instead;
  • Do not make fake claims. Pay attention that each of your results can be easily checked. Therefore, introducing fake findings to add value to your study is not a good strategy;
  • Analyze all of your data. Even if you think that some of your findings are more important than others, you need to analyze all of them.

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