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Our Affiliate Program

Our academic writing company has been recognized as one of the leading providers in the industry of academic writing. Our unique affiliate program was calculated on for the customers who would like to earn some extra money with our assistance. We consider that our unique affiliate program is an evident proof of our commitment to each of our customers. Since our customers’ base is constantly expanding, we are eager to reward every customer who has ordered our services searching for academic writing help and support. If you are brooding on the idea to start our mutual cooperation with, take into account that our company will not only provide you with what you are in need of but also will do all possible to give you the opportunity to share useful information concerning our exclusive services with your friends, group / room / college / university / high school -mates, or relatives so as to promote all our services as well as earn extra money that you will be spent on your own needs. A splendid chance, do not you think so?

What Has Our Company Been Offering?

  • You will be guaranteed a 10% bonus from every order that your friend or group-mate will make on our unique academic writing site!
  • Every person that you will invite to make use of our online custom / academic writing services will obtain a splendid 17% discount on his / her first order!

How Does It Work?

  • Log in to your personal account and search for the section “Our Affiliate Program”.
  • On that section, you will be able to find a unique promo code, in addition to an email sending form, and an affiliate link that can be used to share it with whatever people you wish.
  • Make a copy of the link and then share it with your close friends.
  • Each customer who will use that code or follow the link provided by you will be included in our database.
  • Each person you refer to will be directed to our company’s order page once he/she clicks on the link sent by you or make use of the promotional code.
  • His / her discount will automatically be used, and this way. he/she will be able to utilize his /her discount on his / her special first order at our company.

*Fill in your friend, relative or acquaintance’ email in the field indicated “My friend’ email.” Then your affiliate link will be automatically attached to the email provided and brief explanations of why what and how so that he/she will be capable of getting emails from our academic writing company.

What Are the Most Significant Advantages of Our Affiliate Program?

The leading principle of our affiliate program is that you, as our steady customer, will get bonuses every time when you recommend our academic writing service to your close friends after they have placed their orders on our site. These bonuses will be accumulated on your account and then be made use by you to make payments for our custom essays, coursework papers, research papers, theses, dissertations, as well as other services offered by our academic writing company. For instance, if you have a great number of bonuses accumulated but not enough for the paper you would like to order, you can pay for it partially with your own money and partially with your bonuses. Amazing, is not it?

These extra earnings do belong to you only – you can easily withdraw them (via Wire Transfer or PayPal) or you can make use of them when you make an order of a new product or service offered by our academic writing company.

Make each of your dreams become a reality! Why not save your money, efforts and time with our academic writing company! Protection Status