Writing a dissertation is a complex and demanding task. Unlike graduate coursework, a student in the process of creating a major academic project is on his/her own. Once finished, the author faces a review stage – s/he may do it alone or attempt to find someone who has the expertise to complete a thorough editing procedure. Completing this task on your own may result in overlooking mistakes in the text. Authors are generally too close to their works to see errors in organization, style, structure, coherence, grammar, usage, or mechanics. For this reason, professional authors, newspapers, and magazines have editors. None of the professional writers rely on him/herself to perform editing and proofreading tasks. If you have completed a thesis or a dissertation, you should not rely on yourself either.

Master-Dissertations.com is a premier academic editing and proofreading service online. We have gained our reputation providing students with all types of academic writing and first-rate editing services. Students who begin to use our assistance in high school often become our long-term clients staying with us through college and graduate school. If you need professional, impeccable editing services contact us today! You will be asked to give us your requirements and, prior to providing you with a price, we will examine your order individually. Our editing services are priced on a case-to-case basis.

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Experienced proofreaders for all types of writing

Our company employs a team of highly educated writers, editors, and proofreaders from various countries. They all come from English speaking countries and have gained considerable experience in the writing industry. We highly appreciate our customers, so our professionals always provide excellent English proofreading for all kinds of writing.

If you don’t have a trained eye going over your dissertation then the most common of errors might be overlooked. If you do not want to make a bad impression on the mentor, order our proofreading services. Our professional editors and proofreaders will eliminate:

  • Spelling mistakes: Incorrect spelling will result in presenting the writer in a bad light. We will detect even the slightest spelling mistakes to make your writing absolutely perfect.
  • Punctuation errors: Such errors as commas and other signs of punctuation, if overlooked, will speak of you as of badly educated person with poor knowledge the language use. Our proofreaders are familiar with all the nuances of English punctuation to bring this aspect of your dissertation to pure perfection.
  • Typographic errors: Extra spaces or missing letters are a result of speed taping. Although being insignificant, these errors also influence the impression of the reader. With the editing help of our experts, all of this can be removed from your paper.
  • Basic Grammar mistakes: The nuances of grammar and the technicalities (if not taken care of) create a horrendously bad impression. The subject-verb agreement, tenses, voices, and moods are all looked into carefully by our editors.
  • Formatting and Style imperfections: a specific style is required for the thesis. Sometimes universities do specify the formatting style they would like you to adopt. The styles are APA, MLA, Turabian, Harvard, etc. If these are not followed then the thesis is marked down. Our editors know how to ensure that the formatting is in place. They will help you follow a citation style that will be approved by your professor.

Various types of proofreading services:

  • Professional academic proofreading: every day numerous students get in touch with us asking “Please, provide editing services for my paper” or “I need a professional proofreader to check my paper online.” Our editors and proofreaders are always ready to provide their services for various types of writing assignments.
  • Proofreading services for ESL students: if English is not your native language, you definitely need to hire a proofreader who can check your custom writing. We realize that getting high grades is the key priority of every student. Therefore, we will help you make a perfect first impression on your professor. Our proofreader will look through your piece of writing and correct all the mistakes, which will make it easier to communicate your ideas to the reader. We understand that it is very hard for non-English speakers to accomplish all writing assignments. You can produce a poor piece of writing because you are not fluent in English. Therefore, our English proofreading services will help you get excellent grades and improve your academic results.
  • Proofreading services for business documents: our expert proofreaders can offer their services for different types of documents, such as business plans, business reports, business letters, business proposals, legal documents, company press releases, website content articles, training manuals, etc. We provide supreme quality editing services at the low price rates to help our clients get positive feedback on their error-free projects. We have thousands of return clients due to our dedication to our work. Many customers are satisfied with the speed of our work as we send the completed orders even before the due date. You can be confident that only a highly-educated proofreader will work on your order and will do everything possible to make your business document look perfect.

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Along with professional proofreading, you will get numerous benefits:

  • Supreme quality services.
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support.
  • Strict following of indicated deadlines.
  • Original papers proofread by experts.
  • Flexible revision policy for every customer.
  • Strict confidentiality policy and complete safety of your personal information.
  • Safe and simple transaction system.

We are proud of our premier quality service and the high professionalism of our writers and editors. Our reputation has been formed due to the satisfied graduate students who received an objective analysis of their works or bought excellent custom written papers from us. When you contact us for our professional editing assistance, customer support professional will take all details of your order and will get back to you within a few hours with pricing and timeline. We do not quote a price unless we are able to provide you with the professionals capable of completing the job within the deadline you provide, and according to the quality you need.

Trust your paper to Master-Dissertations.com.You will receive top quality service! Be ready to submit your final work with total confidence that it is impeccably written, structured and organized!

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