Writing a literature review is a complex task for many reasons. It is an activity that requires not only the ability to write properly but also to research, investigate, compare, analyze, and evaluate different academic and non-academic sources. It may be an uphill task for many students, as it requires time and dedication. Literature review writing service such as Master-Dissertations.com is what you need if you have problems with completing your paper on your own.

In order to write a literature review properly, you will have to work with a great number of sources. Your task will be not only to read them but to understand them, analyze them, and be able to use them to support some common idea. Working with numerous sources may be very hard. Still, even harder is to combine the literature you have managed to find with your own ideas.

In some instances, the writers are required to provide a literature review simply in a form of a source summary. However, more often, literature review writing is much more complex. It requires not only summarizing the sources but also analyzing them and synthesizing the information obtained. Such an approach helps to find new interpretations of information in a specific field or establish a connection between old and new information on a specific topic.

The difference between literature review from other academic papers is that its aim is not to develop a new argument (as in the case of a research paper) but to summarize the ideas of other scholars on some particular topic without adding a new insight.

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So, here are the steps you need to take to prepare your literature review:

  • Goal definition. Regardless of the paper type, the main aim of writing should be clearly defined. It means that if you are working on an argumentative paper, you should provide a clear thesis stating your position. If you are trying to evaluate something in your paper, you will need a hypothesis. This way or another, your literature review should be guided by a specific purpose.
  • Start from research. Start your research by defining the topic of your paper. It will help you remain focused and look for materials that are directly connected to your topic. First, find out who the most advanced researchers in your field of expertise are. Second, find the most recent publications on your topic.
  • Establish relevance to your subject. Make sure the sources you use are relevant to the research you make. They need to be up-to-date and deal with the topic directly. Try to understand how each source is relevant to your discussion.
  • The logical development of a review. Do not just summarize the information from the sources you use. Think about your review as an argument that needs development. You can start from weaker points and then move to the most elaborated and the strongest ones.
  • Add reference list. Make sure that all sources you used for your literature review paper are presented on the reference page. The important thing here also is not only to list them but also to format them properly in accordance with the required formatting style.

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Literature Review Writing Purpose

Why write it? Literature review papers should not be underestimated. It is a sort of a guide to the topic under discussion. This paper type is also often written by scholars who do not have time to conduct the whole research. In such a case, the literature review becomes a starting point in their work. Besides, literature review writing is a good way to remain updated on the recent information in a particular field. It is important for a good specialist to be aware of the latest updates in literature in a field of interest.

Who works on literature review writing? The scholars in humanities and science usually write these papers. Very often, a literature review goes as a section of a bigger research paper but it can also be submitted as a separate paper.

So, now as you know what a literature review is you can finally make up your mind regarding whether to write it yourself or not. It is always worth a try to complete your assignment using your own powers. However, there are situations when you simply cannot run the risk of writing your paper yourself. For example, such situations include the following instances: you have a close deadline and you realize that you simply cannot meet it; you are overloaded with other assignments; you are not good at writing; you do not know how to write such papers, etc.

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