Where do I get the completed order?

You need to log into your account, find the order ID of the paper that you have recently placed, and check the «Files» section. If the paper is ready, you will have the «Sent» or «Completed» status and you will be able to download the paper. If you cannot find the file, do not hesitate and contact our customer support agents – they will gladly assist you with that.

Can my assigned writer buy the book or other materials needed for the order completion?

No, according to the company’s policies, customers have to provide all the materials needed for handling the order. If some materials are not available online, it is essential for the client to provide their scans.

I tried to submit the order placement form, but the page won’t reload. What is the problem?

Most probably, the problem is connected with the attached files. If their size exceeds the minimum allowed, you need to forward the materials via email to the customer support team. You can also get in touch with the customer support representatives via live chat.

My teacher asked me to provide an additional page(s) to my essay/ research paper. How to make changes in the order placement form?

Log into your personal account, find the necessary order, click the «Additional Order» button next to it, and submit the updates. After that, you will be forwarded to the payment page, where you will have to compensate for the difference.

I indicated the wrong deadline. Can I ask my writer to provide the paper according to the new deadline?

When you change the deadline, particularly if you need your order urgently, you have to compensate for early delivery. Only after you pay that compensation, your writer will manage to finish it earlier.

What order type should I choose if I cannot find the needed one on the list provided?

If it is hard for you to identify the order type, do not hesitate to contact our customer support agents for help. They will most probably ask you to send them your instructions, and they will assist you in selecting the proper order type for that assignment of yours.

Are the prices negotiable?

We have a stable pricing policy and the prices range depending on the order type, the topic, the deadline, the academic complexity, paper length, and other factors. If you have some special request, you can try discussing it with the live chat support, but at the same time, you can try to apply for some discount coupons or monitor special offers.

The order placement form freezes and does not allow me to register my order successfully. What to do?

This glitch may refer to the problem with the attached files. If you have attached too many files and their size exceeds the allowed limit, you may fail at registration. In this case, you are recommended to forward all files to the customer support representatives via live chat or email. Afterward, they will forward them to your assigned writer.

I want to place an online test, which will take up to one hour. However, I do not see such a deadline here. What should I do?

It is possible to get help with your online test in an urgent manner when there is a qualified writer available specifically at the required time. In order to clarify all these issues, you will need to contact the customer support agents and get the necessary details.

How can I be sure that my custom-written paper will be of excellent quality? Can you guarantee me an A?

Our writers can definitely guarantee the impeccable quality of services since they have decent experience and competence in plenty of subject areas. Besides, our writers can cope with papers of different complexities since they hold Master’s or Ph.D. degrees. Nonetheless, we cannot guarantee excellent marks, as the evaluation process is subjective. We can never be sure how strict your professor is, whether he/ she is in a good mood, etc.

Can I trust you with urgent academic assignments?

Yes, sure. Our writers are used to working under stressful conditions, so you are welcome to place orders with us even if they are due in a few hours or overnight. It is not a problem for our writers to cope with a tight deadline. To place such an order, we strongly recommend you to contact our customer support team, send them requirements, and wait until they find a writer to work on your paper. Our customer support representatives will do their best to find a writer who best matches your requirements and academic level.

If I have bonuses, can I get them in the form of credits? How can I use them afterward?

To find out how to use the bonuses, contact our customer support agents via phone, email, or live chat. They will help you clarify this issue with bonuses and, in any case, will help you get through to the financial department. There is an option to use the bonus system for partial or full payment of future orders.

When I am granted a specific free timespan for sending revision requests, can I send only one revision or more?

There are no restrictions when it comes to the number of revisions. The only thing is that you can send them within a specific period of time.

Can you guarantee excellent academic performance after I buy papers from you?

No, we do not guarantee any grades since we cannot know how a specific teacher will evaluate your task. However, we do our best to ensure that the paper has excellent structure, logical development of ideas, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

I am looking for an academic writing service. Can you tell me about the service you offer?

The aim of Master-Dissertations.com is to provide a paper writing service to help students achieve their academic ambitions more easily. All that customers need to do is fill out a short order request form online and pay the fee that applies to their type of assignment. Then, relax and your custom paper will arrive after the requested deadline expiration.

You can initiate your order today if you know what you need and if you have all the associated materials, which you can upload using our website. This is how it all works:

  • Complete the simple order form and proceed with payment, using the method that is most convenient for you. If you need any help as you go along, there is a “Help” button next to each field and, by using it, more information will appear in a helpful pop-up box. On completion, we will automatically assign you a My Profile area. Through this personal area, you will be able to monitor your order as it develops and upload any additional files. It also allows you to exchange messages with the writer we allocate you.
  • Choosing a writer for your assignment. From our diverse team, we will choose the writer that best fits your overall requirements and area of study. If you have any special requirements, let us know when you place your order.
  • We punctually upload your custom paper to your Profile area when it is ready.

Once finished, we post your assignment in MS Word file format to your membership area. Another copy is sent to you via email. If you feel it would benefit from any modifications, please let us know. You can do this by choosing the “Paper Revision” pull-down menu in your Profile area. We provide revision at no extra cost within 48 hours after the deadline expires. You just need to set a new deadline for us to work towards. You can read more about our Revision Policy on our website and, by clicking “Order Now”, you can start ordering a superb paper immediately!

In which country or countries are you located?

Master-Dissertations.com is a US-based company. For many years, we have lent our writing assistance to students from Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA. We also accept online orders from customers from all parts of the globe.

Does your custom paper service respect customer confidentiality?

Absolutely! We do need to collect a little personal detail about you, your name, for instance, your current email address, and your contact phone number, which you provide on the order form at the outset. Master-Dissertations.com keeps this information securely and we don’t disclose it to other parties. Our support personnel will call you from specific numbers, which are listed on our website. If we need to contact you, it will be from one of these numbers. So, if anyone calls you saying they represent Master-Dissertations.com but are not using one of our numbers do not disclose any information about yourself to them. Also, do note that we don’t ask for credit card details by phone. You need only provide this information in the online payment options we offer you on our website. You can read more about our Confidentiality ethics on the relevant page on our website.

What is the best way to pay for any work I order from you?

Master-Dissertations.com only uses reliable payment systems, of which PayPal is one example because it is one that is globally trusted for facilitating secure and rapid transactions. Our payment systems are legitimately registered in accordance with the correct authorities. To date, we have securely handled thousands of monetary transactions. At the end of the order process, you are given the option of various payment methods, which includes PayPal. Choose the option that suits you best and you will be taken to that provider’s page where you can find a lot of helpful information and where you can learn more about their security policies.

How is your pricing structured?

Compared to our market competitors, our price structure is not as cheap as some others and we don’t claim that it is. However, the high quality and originality of our custom work is representative of the slightly higher price you pay to us. It is only when you buy a paper from us and compare it to the work of our cheap competitors that you will notice the significant difference. So, avoid the services of providers who offer academic work at prices that are below $10.00 for each page. As you are probably aware, professional writers will not or cannot afford to work for around $7.00 per page, which is what they would expect from a $10.00 fee. The truth is that the work is probably created by amateur writers who lack the necessary education to produce award-winning academic work. Or, it may be that such companies resell your papers to other students. Hence, we set our pricing structure to avoid reselling papers, while still keeping costs reasonable.

Do you offer money-back guarantees in the event of a customer being dissatisfied?

Yes, definitely. Please refer to our policy page on Refunds to learn more about this aspect of our service.

Are your writing staff appropriately qualified with suitable degrees?

Each member of our writing team holds a good degree, generally, a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, or a Ph.D. and each has plenty of professional experience in the writing industry with most having extensive knowledge in a specialized subject. This talent pool enables us to easily match a writer to your own academic subject or discipline. We carefully select writers based on the following requirements:

  • Strong educational background and professional industry experience;
  • Each writer undergoes a stringent English test and their application essay is also analyzed for quality;
  • During their contract with master-dissertations.com, we track their scores in different fields of expertise;
  • We check writers’ availability and willingness to undertake individual assignments.

Will I be able to speak directly with the writer you assign to me?

We provide an opportunity to do it through your Profile area where you can send messages directly to your writer. They, too, will send you messages via this channel if they want to give you a progress report or if they want your input on some aspect of the work. So, keep a regular watch on your Profile area in case they are waiting for a reply from you.

What is your stance on plagiarism? Will my paper be an original one?

We have stringent rules about plagiarism. Quite simply, we don’t tolerate it. All the papers created by our writers are thoroughly scanned by our specially-adapted plagiarism detection system to highlight any Internet-related plagiarism. Many educational establishments use systems such as Turnitin, which report to public databases but ours does not. Because our system is safe, every paper you receive from us is unique. But, you should know that, although we can check against open sources such as the Internet, we cannot check against Turnitin-indexed texts. Hence, we cannot say your paper hasn’t got some paraphrasing. Your best option is to check it using WriteCheck, a turnitin.com product, and if anything suspicious appears, submit the report to our administration team. We also offer a service to proofread, edit or rewrite your own plagiarism-free paper. Just upload it through your Profile area and our professional team will set to work on it.

Do you have a database of papers that are pre-prepared?

The database we maintain holds papers that have already been delivered to our customers. We use this to ensure writers do not try and re-use any of the papers they have already written.

How will my custom paper be formatted?

Unless you specify a particular formatting style, we apply our in-house standard of leaving a 1-inch margin at all four edges. Our preferred font style is 12 pt. Times New Roman in double-spacing. Page lengths are 300 words to each A4 size page.

How much time will it take you to write my paper?

Master-Dissertations.com offers its customers some different completion options. Generally, we start to calculate the time when we receive payment from you. So, for example, if our system registers your order as being received at 8.00 am on Wednesday, we should deliver your work by 8.00 am on the indicated day. Do bear in mind that our writers need sufficient time for research in order to produce high-quality academic work, so try and set reasonable deadlines for the best results. We would also ask that you provide us with as much relevant information as you can at the outset. Otherwise, your delivery timeline may be delayed. We also offer a Progressive Delivery service. Through this method, we can deliver your assignment in completed individual portions to a pre-arranged schedule. We call the exact submission date for your paper the Final Submission deadline.

Is there anything more you can tell me about your order form and inquiry service?

The first step is to open the order form link on our website. Describe your paper subject in the first field and from there tell us the number of pages you want, but this shouldn’t include the cover or title page or the referencing section. Tell us the deadline you want it delivered by and how many sources we should use. Don’t forget to describe any specific requirements you have in terms of the essay’s final appearance. We will also need your course title and the citation style you require. In general, please provide any information that will help the writer complete the paper the way you expect. During this process, each field has a “help” button next to it, so if you are uncertain about what that field requires, try this option and a pop-up box should provide all the answers to your questions.

If I have any files to attach, how do I sent them to the writer?

On receipt of your order, Master-Dissertations.com will assign you your own special Profile page. This has an area, “Attach Files,” where you can attach or upload as many additional files as you desire. This process is instant and our writer receives your attachments as soon as you send them. If you do get stuck during the process, you are welcome to contact our helpful support team who will give you all the additional assistance you require.

Can I have my paper as a Microsoft Word file?

Yes, you can. We will automatically upload your paper in Microsoft Word format to your personal area. Another copy of your file will be sent to you via email.

What should I do if I don’t get my paper on the day it is due?

First, try not to panic! We have a good track record at delivering papers punctually. So, get in touch with us without delay. Our support staff will quickly look into its status and establish why you haven’t received it. It may be because we have an incorrect email address or our message has been “spammed”. Or, it may be going through our plagiarism and quality control testing. But, most essentially, let us know immediately so that we can start to investigate its status and get it to you as quickly as possible.

If I think your work is unsatisfactory, what should I do?

In the unusual event that you are dissatisfied with our efforts you can, of course, ask us to revise the paper. There is also a facility marked “Request Revision” in your Profile area to enable you to do this. Tell us how much time the writer can spend on revision and what your revision deadline is. Generally, the cost of the revision effort will depend on how much work is needed, which may vary from a minimal amount to a complete rewrite if it differs sufficiently from your initial instructions. If the initial instructions didn’t change, revision is provided absolutely for free within the time indicated by our revision policy.

What are essay samples and how does this service work?

We provide samples of writing, done by our expert writers in various studies. The samples of writing can be found in a footer menu. Please use them for study purposes only.


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