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Compared to our market competitors, our price structure is not as cheap as some others and we don't claim that it is. However, the high quality and originality of our custom work is representative of the slightly higher price you pay to us. It is only when you buy a paper from us and compare it to the work of our cheap competitors that you will notice the significant difference. So, avoid the services of providers who offer academic work at prices that are below $10.00 for each page. As you are probably aware, professional writers will not or cannot afford to work for around $7.00 per page, which is what they would expect from a $10.00 fee. The truth is that the work is probably created by amateur writers who lack the necessary education to produce award-winning academic work. Or, it may be that such companies resell your papers to other students. Hence, we set our pricing structure to avoid reselling papers, while still keeping costs reasonable.

Each member of our writing team holds a good degree, generally a Bachelor's, a Master's or a PhD and each has plenty professional experience in the writing industry with most having extensive knowledge in a specialized subject. This talent pool enables us to easily match a writer to your own academic subject or discipline. We carefully select writers based on the following requirements:

  • Strong educational background and professional industry experience;
  • Each writer undergoes a stringent English test and their application essay is also analyzed for quality;
  • During their contract with, we track their scores in different fields of expertise;
  • We check writers' availability and willingness to undertake individual assignments.



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