As a rule, Ph.D. students love writing. What is even more important, they adore academic writing. They derive particular enjoyment and satisfaction from writing some meaningful or significant work. However, even if they get so much pleasure from writing, working on a doctoral dissertation can be a real struggle and a daunting challenge for them. Therefore, to help you overcome any potential obstacles, we have prepared some tips on dissertation writing.

Steps towards Writing a Good Dissertation:

  1. Make sure you have sufficient time to write your paper. Do not postpone the process of writing a Ph.D. paper towards the last weeks prior to the deadline. If you do so, you will literally be paralyzed with the huge and overwhelming amount of work. Therefore, manage your time properly so that you have enough time to properly write this significant work as your academic success will mostly depend on this very project.
  2. Avoid any delays in writing. The longer you delay, the harder it will be for you to start. Consequently, the more time you waste on delaying, the more troubles you will have in writing because you will need to do everything in a hurry and the paper will be hardly of high quality. Therefore, do not waste any minute of preparation time: read books, search for some scholarly sources, visit libraries, conduct some research.
  3. Do not make long pauses during your writing process. The longer pauses you make, the harder it is to recall what the last thing was, which you read or researched. Since a dissertation is a long paper, you need to work on it consistently.
  4. Don’t be afraid to change the structure and parts of the paper. Do not stick to drafts so much. Yes, your first and last draft may be completely different, but that’s perfectly OK. If you have some new ideas or some brand-new vision of what your paper should look like, don’t be afraid to make changes.
  5. Make sure you spend enough time on formulating the thesis statement and writing a methodology section. These parts are really important as they serve as a kind of a backbone to your paper.
  6. If you get stuck in some section, do not make a pause, but move to another one. Before you write your dissertation, come up with a plan or an outline. Brainstorm the main ideas you would like to reflect on, analyze or discuss. Follow the plan and it will be much easier for you to provide a proper structure.
  7. Don’t simply give up when you face some challenges. If you cannot write one section, try focusing your attention on some other part of the paper. Conduct some survey (interview or a questionnaire depending on your topic). Just collect some more material to make your paper coherent.
  8. Try to pursue excellence, but do not bite more than you can chew. Writing a dissertation, you should adhere to the principle “quality first.” Instead of blaming yourself that you have not written many pages during a day, focus on your other accomplishments concerning reading, gathering material, etc.
  9. Always take notes when you come across some important material.

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