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If you decide to sit down and write your dissertation overnight, you will never earn the best grade. In most cases, dissertation writing will cover days and weeks. Unfortunately, many students make the same mistake when they start working on their projects a week before the deadline.
Before you are ready to start working on your draft, you will need to explore the topic and subject of your dissertation. You will need to create an outline for each chapter. As you are searching for credible literature, you will also need to make notes. It is better to make these notes logically, as you progress through every part of your dissertation. Moreover, it is better to select appropriate file names for every source, be it a journal or a book. This way you will not have any difficulties locating the sources needed for each chapter. Make sure that you have several copies of each document. You must also have backups for every chapter. Everything is possible, and you certainly do not want to lose any files.

How to Write Dissertation Draft?

If you cannot imagine how to write a project that is 10,000-12,000 words long, divide it into pieces. You can think of it as a compilation of shorter papers or chapters. Then you will have to arrange these chapters logically. As you are working on your first draft, do not pay too much attention to the number of words. What you need is developing an argument and setting a framework for your study. Once you are done with that, you will find it much easier to edit and refine your dissertation. If your dissertation appears too short, you will have plenty of time to add missing chapters. Word count is important. In fact, it is likely to become one of the key grading criteria for your project. This is why, when your first draft is finished, you will have to pay attention to this aspect of dissertation writing. However, equally important is your ability to keep your dissertation focused on the subject or topic of your choice. You should not write just anything simply because you cannot meet the minimum word count for your project. Each and every sentence you write must be relevant, and you can do it if you try.

Dissertation Draft Writing Hints

It is much easier to write a dissertation if you divide it into small sections. Write 800-900 words but every day. By the end of the week, you will see how much progress you have made. You will feel much easier when you see that you are moving steadily toward your dissertation goals. You will also see that it is better to write something and then take a break than to wait until the last moment when you no longer have any choice. At times, you may simply feel like not writing anything, and this is normal! At other times, you will be inspired to write more, and you will make a huge contribution to the final product if you catch the moment. Do not hesitate to develop a plan for your project with strict deadlines. Follow it without any excuses.

Also, you need to make your paper look brilliantly, check how.

Finally, do not forget to keep a copy of everything you have written. It should become your reflex. You should do it automatically, even if you leave your laptop for a second. You will also need to save a copy of your dissertation whenever you finish the next part of your work. It is better to use some external space for your dissertation such as the cloud. If you have an external hard drive, you can use it too. You do not want to face any unexpected disasters if your computer goes down or someone decides to break into your computer system. Do not repeat these mistakes.

Protect yourself from any risks and feel safe, as you are moving toward the end of your project!

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