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Independent Assessment of McDonald’s Competitiveness and Business Situation

Executive Summary At the beginning of 2013, it is evident that McDonald’s experiences some potentially serious problems both in domestic and international markets due to

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Interoffice Memorandum

To: [name] From: [name] Subject: I. Issue Was Ms. T’s tub actually affixed to the apartment such that it became a permanent fixture? II. Short Answer No,

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Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs Memo

TO: Name, Chief Executive Officer FROM: Name, Working Position DATE: April 08, 2015 SUBJECT: The real leadership lessons of Steve Jobs Steve Jobs considered Apple

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Memo: Informative Report of Household Waste Management

To: The Honorable Winona I. Z., Mayor of Emerald City From: Ray W., Household Waste Management Consultant, Capitol Hill Office Natural Habitat Date: Nov 9,

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Memo: Instructions for Use of a USB Flash Drive

MEMORANDUM TO: Name, Head of the Department FROM: Name, IT Administrator DATE: March 19, 2012 SUBJECT: Instructions for Use of a USB Flash Drive As

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Memo: Upgrade of the International Education System LCB students

To: Global Initiatives Committee From: Kate Date: 06/27/2013 Re: Upgrade of the international education system for undergraduate LCB students I am glad to present this

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