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DATE: April 08, 2015

SUBJECT: The real leadership lessons of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs considered Apple his most important creation. An enduring company, he thought, could create great products that would be remembered in history long after the inventors’ death. Jobs had focused on some basic CEO principles that were the keys to Apple’s success.

Each company specializes in the creation of certain types of products. After Jobs, the first thing the companies’ CEOs should stress on is the focus, for example, filtering out distractions and focusing on a few priorities. Larry Page followed this suggestion; as a result, Google created Android and Google+. Then, it is important to conquer simplicity by zeroing in on the product’s essence and eliminating unnecessary components. However, one should deeper understand the role of each element before eliminating it. Simplicity will be achieved only if a producer takes end-to-end responsibility. In Job’s case, there was a seamless integration of peripheral devices, software, and hardware.

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One should do his/her best to create something new before the competitors will. So, “when behind, leapfrog” (Isaacson 6). First, it is better to focus on making great products, only then profits will follow. The example of it is the period when John’s Sculley was running Apple; he focused on profit maximization instead of product design. Apple gradually declined. The next thing is improving products, reducing extra time while using the products and pushing for perfection. A successful leader should remember that people often judge the book by its cover, so it is important to pay attention to the package of the product and its design. It is advisable to surround oneself only with the best people and tolerate them; sometimes, even stormy and abusive behavior will benefit the company.

Above- mentioned practices describe the way one should manage a company’s activity. For example, trying to create a unique and accomplished product that will be suitable for a wide range of consumers will maximize profits. Focusing on some basic priorities will turn out products from adequate to best. Therefore, “combine the humanities with the sciences” to build innovative economies(Isaacson 10).

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