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TO: Name, Head of the Department

FROM: Name, IT Administrator

DATE: March 19, 2012

SUBJECT: Instructions for Use of a USB Flash Drive

As it was decided in our meeting of March 18, I ordered 32 GB USB flash drives for our staff. In order to ensure proper usage and longer service life of flash drives, it is required to follow the instructions provided below. These instructions are extremely important for the proper removal of the flash drives from a computer. Please find the instructions and my comments on them.

Strong points

1. The document begins with warnings, which explain the purpose of the flash drive. All the information is given without specialized terms, considering that our colleagues are advanced users.

2. Instructions are written in a simple manner, provide the only necessary information and are focused on the task. Instructions are arranged in chronological order; first, it is explained how to insert a flash drive and to copy files from PC, and then how to remove the flash drive.

3. Warnings and precautions are set out for specific steps.

4. The instructions are accompanied by visuals demonstrating the “Remove hardware icon” in the step, which explains how to remove the flash drive properly. There is no necessity in any other visuals.

Weak points

1. Some sentences of the instruction are long and confusing. Not all steps begin with an action word and are not in the active voice and imperative mood. Therefore, it is difficult to understand some of the steps.

2. Their structure of the original instructions is very complex and difficult to comprehend. Therefore, they need to be adjusted.


For our colleagues to be able to better understand the instructions, I rewrote some of the steps. Bellow, you will find the revised version of the instructions. Please take a careful look at both versions and give your opinion about them.

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Instructions for Use of a USB Flash Drive

Important notice:

1. Flash drives are not used for data storing. Its purpose is to transfer information from one PC to another.

2. Do NOT work with documents from the flash drive.

STEP 1: File copying to USB Flash drive from PC:

1. Plug USB flash drive into an available USB port on PC

*Note: When the flash drive is plugged for the first time, Windows will install the driver required for correct work. You can start working as soon as the message “Your new hardware has been installed and is ready for use” appears.

2. Choose the file or folder you need to copy to the flash drive.

3. Right-click the file.

4. Highlight “Send to”.

5. Select “Removable Disk (“Drive letter)”.

STEP 2: Checking the File was saved to USB Flash Drive:

1. Double-click My Computer.

2. Double-click “Removable Disk (“Drive letter)”.

3. Check if the file appeared on the flash drive.

4. If the file is not on the flash drive, retry step 1.

STEP 3: Removing Flash Drive from PC:

1. Double-click the “Remove hardware” icon by the clock.

2. In the Safely Remove Hardware window, Double-click on the “USB Mass Storage Device”.

3. In the Stop, a Hardware device window, click on your USB flash drive.

4. Click “OK” after the message “Safe To Remove Hardware” appeared, remove the flash drive from PC.

Warning: ALWAYS stop the flash drive before removing it from the USB port.

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