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To: Global Initiatives Committee

From: Kate

Date: 06/27/2013

Re: Upgrade of the international education system for undergraduate LCB students

I am glad to present this information in response to your solicitation for proposals on how to enhance the international education system for undergraduate students at Lindquist College of Business. I would like to bring to the forefront several ideas that have the potential to revitalize the international undergraduate education experience at LCB. The current system has been functioning adequately, yet there is a need to improve and broaden the global education experience while also considering the cost aspect. I recommend that LCB come up with programs which will help both to cut costs and enhance the quality of international education. Below, I have highlighted possible ways to cut costs and improve the quality of education.

Cost Reduction Strategies

In an attempt to remain financially sound, LCB enhances its approach to international programs. It is a well-known fact that study abroad programs and international internships bring with them significant time and cost commitments. Meanwhile, only a few students have the required time and funds to participate in such programs even though such experience is truly valuable. In order to make such participation universally, LCB should consider developing partnerships with undergraduate institutions in other countries in order to offer “online” study abroad programs. Such programs should offer the possibility of taking online undergraduate classes with foreign professors and in other languages without having to travel and incur extra costs.

Quality Enhancements

LCB should possibly consider adding a new Certificate in International Marketing and Public Relations. This Certificate could be attractive to many undergraduate students. Global companies require professionals who understand the language and culture of other countries to market the company’s products effectively worldwide.

To summarize, I would like to highlight my recommendations to diversify LCB’s international programs by adding online study abroad options and offering a new Certificate in International Marketing and Public Relations. These ideas will facilitate both cost reduction and quality upgrade in LCB’s education system and allow the college to achieve global attractiveness. I strongly encourage speedy implementation of the programs mentioned above so that LCB can scale astounding heights in the learning industry.

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