· Good afternoon, Katie! How are you doing?

· Good afternoon. Thank you, I am doing very well.

· I see that you are happy and content as one year passed after you saw John for the last time.

· Well, that wasn’t the last time really. It turned out that the ‘last time’ became the ‘first time’ of our happy life together.

· So what happened after you got married?

· Probably my thoughts during that evening with John were so powerful that I never wanted to admit my future unhappy life with Chris. So, during the wedding day, I wished with all my heart that Chris would soon disappear from my life. And I would be happy with John. I really did not want to lose the love of my life.

· What happened to Chris?

· Soon after the wedding, he died in the car accident like my parents did three years ago. And people, of course, were talking about some sort of a curse that I am holding as all my family members – as obviously Chris became one – die in car accidents. But that isn’t true. Car accidents are usual and happen every day.

· So, do you believe that you have nothing to do with what happened?

· No, I believe it was more on the mental and subconscious level that I so desperately wanted to be with John. During that ‘last time’, as we now call it ironically, I think I realized how much I love John and that my life will be completely useless without him. I am sure he felt the same way, too. So soon after Chris’s death, we got married, and now I am pregnant with a girl. We want to call her Melissa.

· Wow, what a year full of events! I can only wish you happiness then!

· Thank you very much.

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