1. Tell me something about yourself.

I have robust social skills and believe in eccentric values, image and achievement. I have the potential of getting along well with everyone, quickly learn from mistakes, and immediately look for creative solutions to challenges. Finally, I am confident that the numerous tests conducted by you, will uphold my competencies propensity for this job.

2. Why should I hire you?

You should hire me because of the valuable past experience I had, passion, motivation, personality, and my education. I have the fortitude and indispensable skills for this job. I am also impressed with your Company and would feel honored to work here and ensure its growth at all levels.

3. What are your strengths?

I am adaptable to any given situation with ease, quick to learn, good motivator and self-driven, positive thinker, good planner and implementer; I am also resistant to stress and can work under pressure.

4. What are your weaknesses?

When am working on a project, I always like to ensure that my job is perfect. So, I tend to spend a little too much time in assessing the project. Nonetheless, I have managed to attain a good balance through setting up a system that helps in ensuring that everything is appropriately done in the first phase.

5. Why are you applying for this position?

I applied for the position of a HR manager since it matches my capabilities and expertise. I feel that this position will allow me to demonstrate my skills and abilities, thus, making positive contribution in my area of specialization.

6. How are you qualified for this position?

Besides my resume, I feel that I am qualified for this position. In addition, my past experience, passion, motivation, personality, and education clearly affirm that am indeed qualified. I also have the fortitude and indispensable skills for this position.

7. Why are you interested in working for our firm?

I am interested in working for your firm because it offers me a prospect for evolving my profession. I also have diverse experiences dealing with numerous similar companies in the past, and would be honored to take part in what I see as an outstanding team and a great working environment.

8. Describe a time when you were most frustrated or discouraged in reaching your objectives or goals. How did it turn out?

Frustrations are everywhere, and I remember that very well that after just working for three and half months with my present company. The company underwent through a large streamlining program and I was mainly frustrated with the way new company was being run since most of employees in my own department decided to look for new jobs elsewhere. With a very huge project on hand, which required full workforce, we only had less than half the expected workforce; later my boss asked me to make some sacrifices to help us complete this project on time. I accepted by boss’ plea and I worked late almost every night with dedication for two months, at times skipping lunch, and working over the weekends. In the end, the project was very successful and our clientele had increased tremendously, and they still work with us although we recruited more staff. These sacrifices I made were actually valuable to the growth of our company.

9. Describe the last time that you did something that went beyond what was expected in work or school.

I remember one event that took place when I presented my senior research in college; I faced members of my major department; they had some questions they wanted to address to me. My responses were accurate and skillful, and thus, they determined my grade by evaluating my ability to respond to the questions effectively, and with ease. This greatly depended on my ability to listen prudently to all the questions. Other students slipped up because of their poor listening abilities. Ultimately, my presentation was successful because I possessed the required qualities.

10. Tell me about a difficult challenge or problem you’ve faced and how you handled it.

I have been faced with numerous challenges throughout my career, and the one that is still fresh in my memory is when the retail department was unable to handle an irate customer. I, however, was delighted to deal with this situation amicably. I always believe that regardless of how strong one’s products or customer service is, we are always bound to deal with furious customers. In my case, the customer was very angry since the item he had bought was not functioning properly when he got home. I thought of the three possible solutions like fixing the item, exchanging it, and refunding the customer. I then discussed the problem with the customer in a low and calm tone, thus, promoting the client to do the same. I requested the client to join me in my office to prevent other customers from overhearing our conversation, and after a talk, we agreed to exchange the item. In the end, after laying out the options and exchanging the item, which functioned well, I got the client’s feedback in less than a day and it was positive.

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