A personal narrative is a creative story written to share some life experiences that one has had in his or her life. It has to be a story of some thing or some place that a person is familiar with. It should be interesting and entertaining. The writer shares information and makes the reader feel the same feelings the writer has experienced during the event.

In this personal narrative, I tell about my trip to Miami and Orlando; and two other people’s experience, my friend Juliet and my neighbor Nora. I interviewed both of them and they told two different stories; one is full of disappointment and another one is about an exciting experience of the visit to Miami. I did include the interview questions that I used in interviewing Juliet and Nora.

· The first question:

Which part of Miami did you visit?

· The second question:

What was your experience like?

· The third question:

Would you want to visit that place again?

During my visit to Miami, I first visited Jungle Island. The lush tropical jungle was so welcoming as the birds mingled with people and monkeys jumped from one branch to another. The experience with lemurs was quite exciting. The rare ruffed golden eyed primates are rambunctious. I remember when one of the lemurs sat on my shoulders. At first I was scared, so scared I could barely look over my shoulders or make one step ahead. One guest, an elderly woman in her late fifties, on seeing how scared I was, told me to be calm. “The lemurs love it when people caddle them” she said. I gained some courage and before I knew it, I was holding these little rascals and styling their ruffed hair. I was overwhelmed to see a 900 pound liger; a hybrid cross between a lion and a tiger, and twin orangutans, one of the most rare creatures.

Later in the afternoon I went to South Beach. It is known as the surf capital of Miami and I agree that this is the place to be in case it is fun you’re looking for. The scenery certainly coincides with the stereotype of how Miami should look like. The surfs caught the waves in a turquoise ocean and models sauntered along golden sands. The hyper tanner celebrities rubbed oiled shoulders with hipsters in the sidewalks cafes. The beach served as a perfect place to hang out, swim and sun bathe after the thrilling experience in the tropical jungle.

My experience in Miami is very much different from Juliet’s one. She had travelled all the way from Belle Glade to do some shopping at Luis Vuitton in Miami and to repair her aunt’s bag. “I love wearing Luis Vuitton brand” she said proudly. “But on this particular day I was so disappointed to even have any association with it.” She continued. “Luis Vuitton has really let us down this time,” she added and her face turned pale so that anyone could tell she was unhappy.

“My aunt and I came to get her favorite LV monogrammed handbag repaired while I shop for a new pair of sandals. Even though she has had that bag for almost ten years it was in mint condition aside from the handle she wanted to fix. We drove all the way from Belle Glade expecting top notch services from LV Miami. The saleswoman on that day was unsympathetic and she totally dismissed the sentimental value of the bag suggesting that we purchase another bag instead. She stated that because the top of the bag was slightly cracked, the bag was irreplaceable and there was nothing she could do about it. We asked for alternative recommendations but we received none. We requested advice from the manager three times but the manager Quyen only came out after we asked the name of the manager. We were very disappointed.” She finished telling me about her experience with a giggle, though it was so unexpected. She headed to Miami with a shopping spirit but the journey didn’t meet her expectations. It is very disappointing that Juliet is not sure whether she will visit that shopping mall again.

My neighbor Nora, a mother of three children, loves taking her family out on weekends. I would say she is one of the most breachy parents I know. Nora told me that the last weekend she took her children out, they visited Loews Beach Hotel. Nora is excited and happy as she told me about her experience. To begin with, she quoted something she was told by one of the managers as she was making her reservation, “Loews loves kids.” “For sure it does”, she added. She told me that she and the children had much fun. She said that the hotel payed much attention to the children during vacation. They have designed special programs for the children to have fun. She says she could not regret taking her family there for the unique and health enjoyment. The loveliest thing that the children loved ,especially her nine year old, was the latest price toys and gears. Her eleven year old daughter, who loves reading, was very happy, as the hotel offered exciting story books that she read while sun bathing in the afternoons.

The talkative Nora continued by telling me how children would look forward to the mid-morning to enjoy the variety of snacks that were available at the mini bars. Her teen son was excited by his stay at Loews, as the hotel offered a combination of entertainment and a lot of educational activities. He really loved the two music downloads that the hotel offered to teens and had so much fun in the games boys library. “The whole family was happy” she concluded.

Juliet’s visit was so much different from my experience and the Nora’s one. Nora and I had so much fun that we definitely would want to go back again. It was very unfortunate for Juliet not to have a chance to shop in the luxurious shopping mall and have a happy story to tell on the great discounts that Luis Vuitton offers to the customers.

My vacation did not end in Miami; I had to travel to Orlando for the magical dining month event. This is the place where I had so much fun. I love eating and the delicious food that Calla Bella offered, made my appetite shot up. The food was incredible. It was the Italian cuisine. Soft meatballs stuffed with mozzarella cheese and covered in marinara sauce. Crispy calamari and real piccata came with a steak over spinach. For the first time in my life I saw cr?me brulee served as a toasty square and I have never tasted such a delicious raspberry cheese cake. I will definitely return for this year’s event.

In conclusion I would recommend people to visit Miami and Orlando, as there are so many fun places to visit starting from splendid beaches, restaurants and various education centers such as museums. It is never a regret to visit these places. It is a great tourist attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists.

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