Choosing a dissertation topic has never been easy. When your supervisor was providing you with the instructions and requirements for your dissertation, he or she also expected that you would be able to find a topic that is equally relevant, interesting, and useful for future research and practice. However, if you are facing difficult times not knowing what topic to choose, you are most welcome to read our blog. We have created it for you!

Choosing a Perfect Topic for Your Dissertation

Do not assume that any topic will do – in reality, just a tiny share of dissertation topics can win the highest grade. You will have to be very attentive and take a lot of time to decide on your topic. Otherwise, your dissertation will be rejected without even being read. Make sure that your dissertation idea is not too general. Do not choose a topic that has already been explored by dozens of researchers before you. Be unique and unexpected. You will definitely want to stand out in a crowd of fellow students!
So, what you need to do is creating a list of possible topics for your dissertation. You may wish to include the subjects that have already been explored, as well as the subjects that are just entering your field of study. Focus on the things that are new to you and your readers. Take it as a chance to do something extraordinary!

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The deadline is so close, and you still have not decided on a topic for your project. Still, there is no reason to be worried, because you have plenty of opportunities to find what you need for your dissertation and finish it on time. When you see a few topics to choose from, do some literature search and see what has or has not been done in this particular field of study. Gather the most credible journals and textbooks. Navigate through the Internet. Once you see a gap in knowledge – you have it! You will write your dissertation in an attempt to close this gap and offer some novel perspective on the existing issues.

Do not think that if there is nothing written on your topic you cannot use it. In fact, your task is to produce some new knowledge or close some knowledge gaps. This is why you should be looking for new research opportunities. When you see that your topic has been poorly explored or undervalued, take it as a chance to make a revolution in research and, possibly, practice! No one is perfect, but you can contribute to research and practice if you focus on something truly unknown but potentially useful for your target audience.
Another thing to remember is that you may find it difficult to get a perfect supervisor to coordinate your project. You cannot even start looking for the one until you have a clear idea of the topic you want to use in your study. For example, if you want to study the effects of video games on young children, you will need to contact the researchers and academicians working in this particular field. It may happen that the topic of your dissertation is so rare and unique that there is hardly any specialist available to supervise your project. Therefore, you will need to take your time before you are able to secure a perfect supervisor for your dissertation.

These are the main things to remember while creating the topic for dissertation:

  • Create a list of dissertation ideas and prioritize the most interesting ones
  • Check if your topic is too narrow or too general for your study
  • Collect information, gather credible information from journals and textbooks that is relevant for the topic of your dissertation
  • Find a supervisor who would be willing to supervise your project
  • Choose a topic that you would love to explore and analyze. You should be passionate about your dissertation! This is probably the main lesson you should learn about dissertation writing.
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