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Dissertation analysis – is there anything more difficult and challenging than that? Depending on your readiness to write a dissertation analysis, you will also be given the best or the worst grade. However, you always deserve the best score!
As you are working on your dissertation, you must be ready to write a separate chapter where you analyze the results of your project, be it simply a review of data or a laboratory experiment. You are an adult learner, and you must possess advanced critical thinking and analytical skills. In fact, this is what most supervisors will expect from you! Therefore, you should realize that your dissertation analysis will be the most valuable and influential aspect of your work. You will need to incorporate the methods of analysis into other chapters as well.

Dissertation analysis chapter is dedicated to explaining the meaning of your results

You will need to prove the relevance of your findings and justify the meaning for the reader. It is not enough to report the findings of your experiment. For example, if you are writing a dissertation in linguistics, it is not enough to say that the English vocabulary has changed in the past 10 years. You will have to provide evidence and examples. You will need to leave little space for doubts that your results are either insufficient or insignificant for the reader.
You will receive a higher grade if you structure your dissertation analysis section according to the example provided below. You will need to consider the meaning of your dissertation results in a broader research and practice context:

  • The past 10 years have witnessed a 10-percent increase in the use of slang words in the English vocabulary. Particularly notable were these changes in newspaper and journal writing.

Moreover, you will earn an even higher academic score if you manage to find evidence from other studies that support your claims and conclusions. In other words, in your dissertation analysis section, you will need to link the results of your study to the results presented by other researchers. The more support you find in literature the more credible your own results will be:

  • The past 10 years have witnessed a 10-percent increase in the use of slang words (Watson, 2012). Of particular importance were these changes in newspaper and journal writing (Levinson, 2010).

This being said, while you are working on your dissertation analysis section, you will have to consider a whole variety of factors. These factors will ultimately impact your grade. Make sure that you always provide evidence to support your findings. Try to share your observations using the results and conclusions from other credible studies.

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