The career of a Researcher: Guide to Starting a Ph.D.

Once you consider choosing a career of a researcher, this guide to starting a Ph.D. will be of great help.

Have I chosen the right field for my research?

Choosing the field of research you must consider a lot of factors. To start with, Ph.D. research needs perseverance and tough grind. Your working hours may extend to more than eight hours a day. Besides, you will have to work on Saturdays and Sundays as well.
In addition, you need to be creative and come up with the ideas which are better and more original than those tried before. Working as a researcher you must never stop doing this.
You are going to meet and communicate with a lot of people during the years of your researcher career. These will include your scientific supervisors, senior researchers, young scientists and eventually students once you have taken up teaching as one of the ways to duplicate your experience. Thus, great interaction skills are important.

Make Research Your Career and the Way of Life

If you really enjoy what you are doing, research seems to be the perfect career. It brings you the feeling of contentment.
The next benefit of starting Ph.D. is that it gives you the feeling of being useful for the humanity; it gives sense to your life. As a researcher, you will have an opportunity to work on globally important issues and have a great influence on human well-being.
Researchers are usually free to choose the subject of research and the ways to do it. So it makes you feel your own boss. A great number of grants are available for researchers, so once you have found the funding, you have more opportunities.

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Working as a researcher provides you with flexibility as you may choose yourself when to start or finish work and how much time to devote to it daily. You have a perfect opportunity to balance your career and personal life.
Being engaged in research you have wide opportunities to travel and make new friends. A great thing about being a researcher is that you meet many good intelligent people who are as passionate about research as you are.

Find a Good Supervisor

Finding a good supervisor is as important as actually completing the dissertation. Follow these tips to find one.

  • Get to know some prominent scientists in the area. Read their papers or attend their lectures if possible.
  • To be noticed by a potential supervisor you must differ from the others.
  • Consider a supervisor who does not have more than four or five students. In case there are more of them, they do not get enough time and attention.
  • A well-known professor might not be a good supervisor as long as he has a great number of other obligations.

Having considered all above issues, choose the topic for your Ph.D. Find additional writing tips to help you.

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