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Dissertations in Criminology

1. Dissertation topic: Application of the Death Penalty in the United Arab Emirates 2. Working Title of Research Project: Application of the Death Penalty against Children, Women,

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Ethics is an integral part of any given piece of research because it ensures that participants are respected while the researcher remains original in the

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Marketing Strategies Used by Toyota Motor Corporation

Project and Dissertation Proposal Form This is your research proposal, and as such is an indication of what you intend to do for your dissertation,

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Reflection on Scholarly Writing: Dissertation Case Study

Introduction Creswell (2011) points out that qualitative research is usually messy and rarely happens in accordance with the plan because of its highly unstructured nature.

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The Issues and Debates in the Effect of Physical Workplace for Project-Oriented Companies

Introduction Amidst the increasing competition in the current business environment, companies face the challenge of developing innovative approaches to remain competitive (Boutellier, Ullman, Schreiber, &

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