Experience is a factor that employers nowadays require from their staff. The most compelling job opportunities require one to be experienced in the field before he or she can be able to occupy the position. It is the reason that has made the concept of internships very important for students at universities and colleges all over the world. Students are strongly required to grasp internship opportunities in order to gain real-life skills. Such an opportunity guarantees that they develop a competitive advantage in the career that they have chosen to pursue. Being aware of this, I decided to find an attachment myself in an effort to ensure that I gain the necessary experience that may give me special privileges compared to my peers. This essay analyzes my work placement at the NCEMA, focuses on the duties I had to fulfill and on my major achievements as well as on the challenges I faced over the period of six weeks when I stayed there.

The company I was working for during that time frame is called the NCEMA. This company engages in the enhancement of the UAE’s capability to manage crises, disasters, and emergencies. It thus implements certain functions, some of which include imposing the requirements needed in the business continuity, ensuring that there is a quick recovery through joint planning areas, and establishing coordination and good communication at all levels of the state, namely at the local and national levels. This company coordinates with others to ensure that it is effective and efficient in achieving its goals. My work placement in this organization was primarily in the operations center. On the one hand, I had to process much information that came from the other organization centers that cooperated with the NCEMA. On the other hand, I also analyzed plans that the company had set as a strategy for handling potential crises (National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority, 2012).

In the operations center, I was responsible for many activities. For example, some of my duties included attending meetings with various stakeholders and organizations as well as documenting and updating important data. During my internship there, I experienced many obstacles which I had to overcome. Some of those issues were my lack of experience in technology used by the company’s workers and difficulties with the methods or strategies to apply for the documentation of information. Every week that I spent in that organization I was able to learn something new that definitely helped me better my skills.

Within my first week, I participated in the orientation prepared by a supervisor and four other members of different departments of this organization. During this orientation week, I was taken through different departments to observe their work. Thus, my assignments for that week were to acquaint myself with the functions of the departments and report to my supervisor on the things that I had learnt. Once the orientation was terminated, I completed all my assignments and learned new things and practical skills that I otherwise would have never learned in the classroom. Some of the knowledge gained from the experience at the NCEMA included learning how the organization works and developing skills how to connect the theory I learned during lessons concerning the Silver Bronze command structure to the real-life experience. Among the skills that I acquired owing to such experience are learning how to be an active team player and how to be able to create a schedule for the next six weeks, ability to conduct a research about the inner workings of the organization, and also the qualities of being motivated and observant. However, in spite of all benefits, there were some obstacles I personally experienced, in particular the necessity of fitting into the new organizational culture, being more time-conscious and ready for the challenge of working in a team as well as generating ideas on my own from the given assignments.

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In the course of the second week, I finished my orientation, I tried to work in a team, and on the last day of the week, I met stakeholders of different operation centers related to the NCEMA. During this period, I learned about the set-up of the NCEMA’s operational center. I also succeeded in broadening my knowledge about the ways to document information. Furthermore, I managed to gain skills in interacting and cooperating with others and handling documentation. The obstacles that I faced during this week included proper time organizing, working in teams, and accepting opinions of other people.

Within the week three, I managed to adjust myself to the data that the operational center administers. This is because I was able to work with information about other agencies that cooperated with the NCEMA’s operational department. In addition, my awareness about the methodology to use when documenting information and the coordination of information among various operational centers were significantly increased. Over these days, the major skills that I got to learn were sharing and documenting information.

During the fourth week, I was assigned to process more information from the other agencies that worked with the NCEMA. I also managed to review some of the emergency plans that dealt with potential risks and crises. After having been exposed to the aforementioned duties and information, I was able to learn more facts concerning the set-up of the NCEMA operational center and the different strategies they use to limit the dangers and crises. Moreover, I managed to master my skills in interacting with others, in brainstorming and thinking outside of the box, and, finally, in recording information.

Over the fifth week, I was responsible for updating such information as phone numbers and faxes of all agencies involved in case a crisis occurs. I also witnessed a real crisis and the way the organization tackled it. The operations center at the NCEMA waited first to receive accurate information from the civil defense unit before it could intervene and ask for help from other agencies. Luckily, the civil defense kept everything under control. Within this period, I learnt more about the procedures that the NCEMA undertakes during a crisis or a dangerous event. I managed to improve my skills in sharing and discussing information with my counterparts. However, I had to tackle such problems as the individual behavior during the critical period, namely interaction with individuals who seemed totally stressed due to the crisis. Besides, I dealt with some technology that I was not knowledgeable about at that time.

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In the course of the sixth week, I gained skills in updating information while deleting the outdated one. I also made progress in reviewing some plans regarding the possible dangers and finally I attended a meeting with stakeholders that was aimed at solving confusing situations during a crisis. Over these days, I had a multiple number of activities and hence I got to learn even more. I further discovered about the set-up and working of different departments at the NCEMA and the way how the operations centers share information with other important agencies such as the Ministry of Interior Affairs. Additionally, I got the chance to get an insight into the importance of brainstorming and thinking outside of the box. Some of the skills I gained during this week included sharing information in an effective and efficient manner, using the proper methodology to document information, and interacting with colleagues appropriately. The major challenges were the necessity of adjusting to people’s changeable attitudes, working on crucial issues without the proper experience, and conforming to diverse opinions.

In conclusion, during the time I worked for the NCEMA, I learned much information and gained useful skills that I could not possibly learn in the classroom. It indicates the importance of getting practical experience in career. It also shows that employment experience is very important indeed, especially in positions where one is dealing with people’s lives like in the operations centers at the NCEMA. Despite the obstacles I faced during my internship there, I was able to continue working which is also extremely important in any work placement, because integrating into the organization culture may be very rough at times. However, if one is able to persevere, then the situation improves. I am confident that the knowledge I acquired working at the NCEMA will enhance my career opportunities compared to my fellow classmates for the fact I got first-hand experience in the field of crisis management. These skills subsequently give me the foundations that I can use for a career in crisis management and many similar areas where I may get employment offers.

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