Good Sources

a) Fielding, N. (2009). Community policing. Oxford, UK: Clarendon Press.

This is one of the books that I have chosen as good sources to use in the final project. The book is highly authoritative and valuable because it provides a comprehensive and exhaustive explanation on how community policing can be used to effectively prevent and control gang violence amongst communities. In this book, Fielding mainly focuses on community policing as one of the most suitable and effective ways of preventing gang violence in communities. In addition to discussing various merits and demerits of community policing technique, Fielding also explores the various challenges and problems such as poor communication and inadequate interactions between law enforcement agencies and community members which are likely to be encountered during implementation of community policing strategies to prevent gang violence. Moreover, I find the book useful because the author further recommends how challenges faced in community policing can be overcome. For my part, I would use this book to talk about how community policing can be used to prevent gang violence in Savannah, GA.

b) Watkins, C. (2007). How can gang violence be prevented? Detroit, MI: Greenhaven Press.

I have also chosen “How Can Gang Violence be Prevented?” by Watkins as another valuable source to use in the project because I consider it highly dependable and reliable. In my view, Watkins’ book is authoritative due to it explores various ways in which gang violence in communities can be prevented and reduced. The book also provides detailed explanations and meanings of gang violence as well as in-depth reviews of causes of gang violence in communities. Moreover, Watkins dedicates three chapters in the book to explore various approaches and techniques that can be deployed to prevent gang violence in communities. In relation to my project, Watkins’ book will be highly valuable because it readily provides invaluable suggestions on how gang violence in communities can be prevented successfully. Thus, I would easily incorporate and relate the suggested solutions to prevention of gang violence in Savannah, GA.

Discarded Source

Graham, H. D., & Gurr, T. R. (2009). The history of violence in America: Historical and comparative perspectives. New York, NY: F.A. Praeger.

On the other hand, I have decided to discard the book “The History of Violence in America: Historical and Comparative Perspectives” by Graham and Gurr because the authors do not offer exhaustive viewpoints on gang violence in communities. In this book, Graham and Gurr mainly focus on the historical background of violence in the United States with little consideration to gang violence. Moreover, the authors do not provide any solutions or ways of preventing gang violence in communities. Thus, I found the book less relevant.

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