A two week cruise through the Caribbean or a weekend skiing in the Rocky Mountains, everyone loves to get away whether for a weekend, a few weeks or months at a time. Taking holidays is something all people do to get away from the daily grind. Some go to experience a new culture, some for the adventures that await them and others go simply to get away and relax. The possibilities are endless when it comes to deciding where to take a vacation and many variables need to be considered in order to plan correctly. Things that need to be taken into consideration are variables such as budget restrictions, time frames and what one wishes to accomplish through the vacation.

The available finances for the vacation are one of the most important factors in determining the type of vacation one takes and for how long. Limited finances may mean a splurge on a weekend getaway or a frugal two week trip. Activities with minimal costs need to be considered if sufficient funds are not available and many activities such as camping, hiking and backpacking do not rely on extensive funds and can be done for a longer period of time without costing substantially more. If limited funds are not of concern then vacation is limited only to the time available to take time off and one’s imagination. Luxurious cruises or private safaris are all options when money offers no constraints.

The amount of time vacant also plays a large role in deciding the kind of vacation one takes. A few days may mean going somewhere close whereas months free may open the possibility of going to exotic and rural places and being able to spend time leisurely and without hurry. Getting away to a nearby city is something that can be fun for a weekend getaway and be enough to rejuvenate one for the week ahead. Pampering at a local spa or having a culinary weekend are good ways to structure a short weekend. In contrast a long vacation may mean having no itinerary and going with one’s instincts and whims to explore a new country in one’s own pace. The important thing is to not allow time restraints to hinder one’s vacation by planning a holiday that fits within the available time slot and allowing for plenty of time to relax and enjoy the surprises that may come unexpectedly.

Lastly one needs to consider what their vacation attempts to fulfill. If relaxation is the goal of taking a holiday then a weekend kayaking through Tierra del Fuego might be the wrong choice. Similarly if adventure is what one is seeking than a twelve day yoga retreat might be the wrong choice. Spending some time contemplating what one wishes to accomplish on their vacation will make the holiday more meaningful and with a higher level of satisfaction. Plan a holiday that suits one’s needs and expectations, planning activities that pique one’s interest while leaving plenty of time to relax and be spontaneous. As long as one remains flexible vacation can be a wonderful break from the daily grind and a needed reminder of what life is really about.

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