Future Job Possibilities

1. Discussion of Skills

My future career is connected with rendering emergency medical services to the patients. During my training in MT Nebo Training, I obtained the skills and knowledge necessary for my future profession. Working in the team helped me to improve communicational skills, as well. Apart from that, I have learned the obligations, ethical regulations and key responsibilities of the medical worker. I have also learned to prepare presentations, acquired interpersonal communication skills and consolidated my knowledge in the area of neck injuries. Also, making a presentation in front of the audience has contributed to lowering my anxiety. It has also eliminated personal uneasiness. In addition, I have learned the peculiarities of maintenance, cleaning and servicing the medical station. During my training, I closely interacted with the instructors, doctors, and students. Due to the practical experience at the facility, I can focus on taking particular actions directed on solving complicated tasks and reaching my goals in a proper time. I can coordinate my actions in an efficient and timely manner.

Helping instructors and doctors during the practical courses provided me with a deeper understanding of my future career. I participated in transferring a patient with a neck injury. Due to this experience, I have gained a deeper understanding of how this process should be conducted.

I took an active part in teaching medical providers-to-be. It included monitoring their studying process, preparing the scenarios, and helping students to improve their knowledge and skills. Gaining the teaching experience helped me to become more patient and self-preserving. I also improved my interaction skills when working with the students and keeping them focused and engaged by providing them with different practice scenarios. Trainers and doctors provided me with qualified assistance and valuable advice on a constant basis, especially when I did not know how to help students maintain the information they are being taught and focus on the subject. Also, the experience gained helped me to extend my knowledge of medical treatment peculiarities (especially neck injuries). I enjoyed communication and interaction both with the students and trainers. The doctors of the facility eagerly shared their real-life experience in injury treatment and patient care. Practicing in extraordinary situations taught me to take quick and right medical decisions that can save patients’ lives. During training, I had the possibility to turn my knowledge into the practice of treating patients and handling different situations.

2. Training Needed

It should be mentioned that different courses have different requirements for the applicants. Most of the courses represented in Mt Nebo Training do not require preliminary training or particular skills. However, to subscribe for EMS training, a person should have CPR certification, be Bachelor at EMS, EMT-basic and AEMT certifications. At the same time, to attain a Paramedic Program, one should have knowledge on anatomy, medical terminology, and physiology, be acquainted with college writing and algebra and have at least a one-year experience in certification as EMT or healthcare. However, the main requirement is a personal will to obtain new information and medical experience there. Also, there are paid and free courses in the MT Nebo Training.

3. Brief Evaluation and Discussion

Training in the MT Nebo Training has provided me with invaluable skills and knowledge, especially on the interaction with the students. I obtained a better understanding of the teaching perspectives. Interacting with the students provided me with the knowledge as well as a real-life experience regarding different ways and methodologies of students’ involvement in the educational process. Also, I applied different techniques to help students maintain the information they are being taught thus having come to the conclusion that constant support and coaching are the most efficient ways in this regard.

Numerous ways of approaching different life and medical situations became clearer for me. Training provided me with an understanding of proper ways to transfer the patient that has a neck injury. Trainers observed my actions and corrected them. Thus, I have gained an understanding of the proper actions in such a case. In the future, I will be confident in my actions and behaviors when a similar situation arises.

4. Summary of My Major Responsibilities and Projects

I had numerous responsibilities during my training period in MT Nebo Training facility. Most of them were connected with the organization and participation in the teaching process. I created scenarios and realized them, helped the doctors and trainers to educate the students. I observed the studying process, monitored the students while they worked on the scenarios. Also, I assisted them in their studies and improvement of their skills by explaining the questions they missed on their exams.

Additionally, my training was connected with real-life medical experience. Observance, maintenance, and clearance of the working station were among my primary duties. I also participated in transferring the patient who had a neck injury. I observed students’ actions when they worked on how to hold a patient properly while transferring him out of his car. These observations considerably improved my skills and amended my knowledge of this kind of injuries. Making a presentation on this topic was significant in consolidating the obtained knowledge and developing my communication skills.

Administration of Agency or Organization Providing Internship


As it was mentioned above, this training center provides both free and payable courses. The main funding source of MT Nebo Training is the payments of those students who want to take part in different training programs presented by this center. Participants should make an established payment for the courses they want to attend. The example of the paid training of this center is the DOT Medical Examiner Online Course. Additionally, different initiatives directed on improvement of social skills of representatives of certain communities are financed by public and private funding organizations like Moses Metropolitan Organization.

 Job Description

The positions and description of these positions are provided below.

Chief Instructors are responsible for the creation, approval, and constant improvement of studying goals and objectives. They observe the quality of studying process and assess the training methodologies of trainers and doctors.

Trainers are people who perform the studying process. They provide information to the students, explain the most challenging situations and perform the assessment of students’ knowledge and skills.

Internship coordinators are responsible for making sure that the students are provided with the best possible sources of information (books, online courses, etc.) and participate in necessary practices.

The representatives of these professions are responsible for proper education and training process in Mt Nebo Training Center. Their work is directed toward providing interesting and understandable material to the students, constant assessment and improvement of the training process, supervision of the students’ performance and coordination of their practice.

4. Public Relations and Advertising

The Nebo Training is represented in different informational sources and social networks on the Internet. This training center has its page on Facebook, where people can find all the necessary information regarding its activity. The center closely cooperates with international and national organizations like the Red Cross and Gold Cross. The Nebo Training provides training for students of medical educational institutions located in Utah and the Mountain Region.

MT Nebo Training Fund is supported by Moses Metropolitan Organization in its strategies directed toward improvement of public skills of common people (for example, training of leadership, active engagement in social events, securing the attention of public officials, etc.). This initiative is aimed at helping communities to become more powerful and goal-oriented.

Agency Program and Services

5. Purpose of the Agency

The main purpose of MT Nebo Training is helping medical students to become professionals. This purpose is attained through the improvement of their skills and knowledge. Constant training and active participation in different scenarios show them how to act in different situations. Due to such training and education, the students can develop self-confidence in terms of the practical application of their knowledge. Much attention is paid to the improvement of their communicational skills. Students study how to represent themselves and how to interact with the audience. The purpose of such education is providing people with an ability to effectively interact with patients and health care providers in the future. Also, the agency directs its training courses to enable the students to find efficient solutions in challenging situations. Much attention is paid to shortening the time and increasing the effectiveness of a response to the emergency situation.

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Becoming professional health care providers is a long and thorny way, but MT Nebo Training makes this way easier and more interesting. It is notable that this training center provides its services to national and international students. Also, current health care providers can improve their skills and knowledge by passing additional courses in this facility. MT Nebo Training helps individuals not only to pass their exams and obtain certificates that approve their knowledge, but it also provides them with grasp and ability to handle complicated real-life issues. The center prepares future professionals to be able to work in challenging and unexpected situations.

6. Agency Goals

MT Nebo Training has numerous short-term and long-term goals. Short-term goals are aimed at helping students to complete their courses successfully and obtain as many new skills and knowledge as possible. This goal can be reached by making education more computerized. Integrating computer technologies into the studying process will provide students with easier access to the information, as well as the possibility to perform additional testing and gain higher results during the examination. The time frame for this short-term goal is December 2016. Also, NT Nebo Training directs its efforts toward the development and introduction of on-line courses to students who have no ability to come to the center. The agency aims at presenting all the courses in the on-line format until January 2018.

The long-term goals are based on providing an understanding of the necessity of the constant improvement of skills and knowledge of health care providers by increasing public awareness concerning this matter. Special events will be held in local communities, national and international medical education institutions, and national and international conferences to elucidate the community on this matter. These events will be performed until 2017.

Much attention will be paid to the popularization of the ENT and Paramedic professions in the society. This goal will be reached by increasing the communication between the public and the agency via the Internet (for example, by using public networks like Facebook), means of mass media (local and national magazines and newspapers), presentation of these professions in educational institutions, etc. These measures will take place until 2017. After the completion of the above-mentioned points, the obtained outcomes will be thoroughly assessed and evaluated to determine the strong and weak sides of these programs. Further strategies for strengthening these programs and improvement of their effectiveness will be developed and realized after 2017.

Some of the long-term goals are directed toward the improvement of agency performance. An example of these goals is purchasing a new ambulance for using it in training and for providing help to the patients. The target date for this initiative is January 2016. Also, the agency intends to purchase two monitors and other simulation equipment until December 2015 to provide its students with improved means of studying and practicing the process of rendering medical assistance.

7. Clientele Served

MT Nebo Training has two different types of clients: national and international students; and health care providers who intend to improve their knowledge and skills. The benefits provided by this center to its clients are the following. Classes are equipped with different simulators that visualize real situations and enable students to obtain real experience of how to act in different challenging situations. There are programs of training, where theoretical knowledge is supported by practice. The center can also boast with skilled personnel, reasonable prices, availability of free courses, unified fields of studies (usually courses contain combined information on several medical topics, like pharmacology, EMS operations and preparatory), and convenient training schedule. Also, the central facility services of reclassification for AEMTS and EMTs. The majority of clients are students who live and/or study in Utah or Mountain region.

8. Types of Programs Offered

The training center offers numerous programs. The first type of offered programs is EMT. It contains numerous sub-programs: Spring Evening EMT, Day EMT Class, CME Hours; January Evening EMT Class. These sub-programs are created to provide a comfortable schedule. Classes of EMT can be attained during the daytime, at night, and during holidays. EMT courses provide basic knowledge and skills that are necessary for becoming a paramedic and working in the EMT field. Students can obtain continued medical education in this center. Offered courses can be prolonged as per students’ wishes.

The second type of the programs being offered is AEMT programs, also known as advanced EMT classes. The sub-programs of this program are the following: Advanced EMT classes, January Advanced EMT classes, September Advanced EMT classes, and Spring Advanced EMT classes. The curriculum is also comfortable for the students. These classes incorporate 1500 hour studies directed on the improvement of EMT knowledge. The students get prepared for their Utah State Testing during these studies. It is notable that fees for the training cover books and other necessary educational materials.

MT Nebo Training also offers different paramedic classes. The sub-programs for these classes are the following: CME hours, Critical Care Transport Course, January Paramedic Program, May Paramedic Program, and NREMT Refresher. These courses provide 100 hours of continuing medical education to its students. They are prepared according to NREMT CME requirements. During these studies, the students will obtain the knowledge necessary for passing the test of the Board for Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification.

One more program represented in TM Nebo Training offers the possibility to pass EMT and AEMT recertification. This program is available for people who already have EMT – Bs. Different models for exams provide students with the ability to improve their knowledge to pass the exams successfully.

9. Effectiveness of Programming

Different programs offered by TM Nebo Training have several unique beneficial features. The first feature is simplified communication between doctors, trainers, and students. All of them take an active part in the educational process and have one common aim – to create professional health care providers able to render high-quality medical services to the community in challenging situations. The second benefit that is provided by different programs represented in this agency is the combination of theoretical knowledge and real-life training. It helps to eliminate any uncertainties of health care providers in the future. The effectiveness of programming is also supported by a convenient schedule. Students have the ability to participate in training whenever they can. Hence, they can attribute sufficient time and attention to their studies. The program also provides online training for people who cannot come to the center. Also, particular attention should be paid to a great variety of free courses. These projects are aimed at the improvement of knowledge and skills of people who cannot pay for their studies. Consequently, TM Nebo Training strives to make health care education more effective irrespectively of the fact whether students have the money or not.


9. Strengths

TM Nebo Training has numerous advantageous features. These features make the agency attractive to students and experienced health care providers in the United States of America and all over the world. The center offers a convenient schedule described above. Students can choose the time and even the season when they have the ability and willingness to conduct their studies. Different programs and sub-programs are available for studying. Unlike other training centers, TM Nebo Training offers on-line education. Another strong feature of the agency is experienced personnel who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with others. Also, it should be mentioned that the effectiveness of the educational process is facilitated by the constant improvement of educational methodologies and implementation of new ideas. I developed educational scenarios and realized them with students. Much attention in this agency is put on the actual engagement of the students into the process of education. Consequently, they obtain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

10. Weaknesses

I noticed several weaknesses during my training in TM Nebo Training. The first weakness is that not all of the courses in the agency are available for on-line studying. Consequently, people are obliged to arrive at the center if they want to complete some of them. The second weakness is that courses are provided only in the English language. I think offering courses in other languages (for example, French) will make this training center more attractive. As for me, one more weakness is that students obtain insufficient theoretical knowledge; however, this can be improved by adding educational hours or giving home tasks for self-education.

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