A. K. McClure is a well-known spokesperson, with various freedom of speech derived from the male citizenship powers whereas peoples voices were raised. A. K. McClure explored the lengthy practices that attribute to people’s rights after the war at the border, which led to massive destruction of property and death. A. K. McClure outlined various issues in his speech during a House committee that was debating on issues affecting the state by representing the Commonwealth affairs to both the state and its citizens. He spoke about the border war, which led to massive death and destruction of property with little or no compensation for the affected families.

Thesis Statement

The paper focuses on the speech by A. K. McClure, who initiated various legislative processes after the border war, which left many citizens in misery and pain. In his speech, A. K. McClure emphasized on the need for equality of all people regardless of the tribe and race. There is a need to establish the cause of war, outline who took part in the war and implemented measures to respond to the questions that emanated after the war. On the other hand, in his speech A. K. McClure tried to reveal the individuals who took part in an attempt to victimize the people during and after the war, which led to many deaths, injuries, and destruction of property.

A. K. McClure’s Speech

During his speech, A. K. McClure emphasized on various issues affecting the nation at large in regard to the constitution. The speech was delivered during a debate in which a vote was needed to ensure maximum involvement of participants. Besides, during the debate, various issues were highlighted and short answers were given regarding the main objections with the aim of presenting justice to the people. During a House debate, A. K. McClure authoritatively presented an argument with the desire to defeat the pending Bill. He characterized it like a fiddle, which deceives, misleads and defrauds members of that particular House. A. K. McClure’s speech at the House criticized the illegibility of depriving the people of their commonwealth credit as a result of mistreatment by the armies at the borders. He explained how people at the border were assaulted and how they suffered from a negative attitude towards them.

A. K. McClure disregarded the Bill in his speech using simple language and all his sentences were free from ambiguity. Therefore, he represented pieces of evidence to the losses the people incurred or sustained by the armies during the war. The House, in general, had no intentions to mislead people by passing the Bill, which could infringe the people’s rights concerning constitutional affairs of the government. As a result, it was important to avoid mutual blames between the government and its citizens. Therefore, the need to have a long-lasting solution was evident and the Bill had to be passed by the House and later become a law that would guide its citizens. A. K. McClure’s speech with clarity aims at representing both the government and the citizen’s rights, ensuring that individual rights are not violated in any manner concerning the constitution. McClure emphasizes the need for restitution the sufferers, which is a mandatory duty of the government. Moreover, he states that failure by the government to pay the victims living at the border for their losses is considered a dictatorship.

In his speech, A. K. McClure overruled the government initiative of violating the people’s rights by denying the possibility of receiving compensation for the destructions caused by the army at the border coast. More emphasis needed to be placed on equality as a measure to avoid infringement of an individual’s rights in regard to the constitution. Irrespective of time when a law is formulated, various methods need to be implemented to ensure that each aspect is incorporated, ensuring the creation of equality among its citizens. According to A. K. McClure, the Bill had to be scrutinized by allowing the participation of each member in creating generative ideas, which will be appropriate for the citizen. Moreover, McClure stated that each member of the House is elected to represent the people, hence the need to support people’s rights. There was no seizure of the Commonwealth after the division of sentiment by the lawmaking power of the state according to the Bill.

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McClure insisted that there was a need to fight a common enemy of the state equally contributing to nation building by embracing change in regard to the constitution, which is the basis of all country affairs. In addition, his speech categorized the government and the common enemy manifested in society. Such vices include corruption, tribalism, and nepotism as the building blocks to the society rotten nature. By passing the Bill, which infringed the Commonwealth agenda of the state, corruption majorly manifested in the society denied the good citizens their rights. Corruption has been a major obstacle to any state development as people or citizens use their power and wealth to corrupt the government. By creating a Commonwealth program, several government officials have engaged in corruption-related cases through the use of power, thus, destabilizing various projects. In order to overcome corruption, various measures need to be taken, such as encouraging transparency among various law stakeholders.

A. K. McClure speech advocated for a higher and holier purpose with the view of outracing treasure and power to preserve the government. A. K. McClure’s speech mainly advocated for justice and equality among the citizens by encouraging a protective law that prevents infringement of people’s rights. He questioned the existence of humanity offices during the war, in which several persons were wounded and property destroyed, thus causing great suffering among the people. Humanitarian offices never existed and if they existed they did not offer any assistance to its citizens after the bloodshed experienced during the war. He criticized the humanitarian offices by distracting the flow operation of the government initiative in its enterprise. Due to lack of proper outline of structures in humanitarian offices, lack of misters and other office equipment deviated the role of the humanitarian ministry in managing the after war crisis, which resulted in bloodshed.

The government needed to issue a well-structured constitution that could incorporate all citizens regardless of their race and age. With this in place, an individual role in society was guaranteed by placing society at a more competitive level. McClure criticized individuals who were directly involved in violating individuals’ rights in regard to the constitution. He mentioned various individuals who participated in making the citizens’ lives unbearable. After the border war, several people were held responsible but due to power and corruption, they were released, leaving the armed citizens in misery. On the other hand, the armies who also took part in the war suffered a great fraud, since most of them were never given their dues. Those who were killed were never compensated, thus, their families were left in difficult positions.

At the existing at that time situation, there was no one, to tell the truth, and reveal the facts regarding corruption and power outages, thus, making life unbearable to the citizens of the state. In his speech, McClure advocated for a well-structured system of government that would ensure equality among its people in view of various policies and laws. There was also a need to input all aspects in the legislative process that would ensure proper law enforcement for the benefit of all citizens of the state. Various law enforcement bodies, on the other hand, had to be established to curb vices such as corruption and nepotism.

He lamented that the future of people majorly depends on the leadership of the country at large. To enjoy the fruits of our attribution, justice needs to hold us together, and those found to be outrageous with the law need to be dealt with in accordance with the law. With the improvement in the justice system, it was necessary to criminalize law offenders in every arm of the government with the aim of avoiding such factors as tribalism and corruption. In his speech, McClure tried to defend the policy and doctrines of the party according to which he and Mr. Brown, the gentleman from Warren, acted. He explained that in his entire life he has never been influenced by political opinions, decisions or actions of the House, thus, his purposes could not be changed at any instance. Any action or decision taken or made by the House would positively or negatively influence the outlook of citizens, making the future based on the illiberal and unwise actions produced by the House. Consequently, A. K. McClure’s speech characterized

democratic individuals with an outstanding character. Such character was stated to be necessary in order to help people by trying to convince the entire House to vote for a Bill that would involve each citizen in the state.


In conclusion, A. K. McClure’s speech disclosed his earnestness on behalf of the people regarding their suffering and excuses given to them by their rulers. He argued that people’s hopes and tribulations had to be emphasized in order to promote justice and accountability among them. In addition, he emphasized the need to remain hopeful and confident to become better citizens in the near future. McClure was confident and hopeful for a better future when the people from border areas would eventually learn that the government recognizes all its responsibilities and makes all possible to prevent unequal burdens that befall them. According to his speech, A. K. McClure hoped and waited for that day when equality and justice would be inscribed in the country’s history by restituting those who were influenced by corruption and lawlessness.

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