A social network is defined as a social structure consisting of organizations or individuals and the dyadic ties among these individuals. The perspective of social network provides an apparent approach of analyzing the composition of entire social entities (Wasserman & Faust, 1994). Social networking is a modern innovation, which has the Internet on the edge of its seat as a result of its popularity with people. It is also a practice of intensifying the number of one’s business and social contacts by establishing connections through persons. While social networking has progressed as long as societies themselves have survived the prospective of the internet to uphold such connections, is now being entirely acknowledged and utilized, through web-based networks instituted for that reason. Many people in the world are globally connected through social network.

The progressive popularity of the social networks carries both positive and negative effects. It is necessary to consider that social network is accountable for making society, media and people’s lives faster. A quick-paced society certainly has its ups and downs. Social media can make life more convenient and easy; nevertheless, it also puts customary association in a new and at times distorted light. For example, children together with teens are expected to learn ways of building relationships with people around the locality. Customarily, they have been educated by their parents, guidance counselors, religious ministers, and teachers to follow what older people say and respect the authority. In addition, they are also trained to make friends by practicing good manners and showing respect. The point here is that those establishing quality relations with individuals will take time and effort (Childrefuge, n.d.).

Bringing each social group together in a single place and allowing them interrelate is indeed a big thing. The growth of the internet use has enabled individuals to live a life at a quicker pace. Millions of persons can converse at the same period as a result of freedom the web provides. There has never been in human history a time like this. The most fascinating thing about this uprising is that teens and children are leading the way.

Social network has been a significant tool used for many functions besides the normal communication purpose. It is cheap to use social networking through the internet for personal, and business use since most of it is typically free. Although, personal use is quite simple for anybody, many underrate the business purposes. In most social networking sites, one can find out potential clients and the target markets with a few clicks, adding an increase to usual promotional and advertisements’ strategies. It enables a person to learn about the likes and dislikes of the customers, which is remarkable. Individuals can gain the confidence of the customers if they can interact with them on a professional and personal level. Regardless of having to do a small piece of work, it certainly pays off as one might be tapped for a tender if a customer catches wind of products or services.

Social networking enables a person running a business to reach out to customers without spending excessive amounts of money on marketing and advertising while staying connected with the current customers. Presence on a famous social network proposes to individuals that their businesses are at least able to remain strong with the varying times. The use of social network to promote a business has numerous advantages, but also needs some commitments.

Many social networks allow people to connect with individuals who are already using their services. It is possible to convince potential customers to connect in a network by posting about the business at the place of business. A social network offers people a chance to reach out to fresh customers. One way of using social network to locate new clients is to reach out to existing customers. One can post on his wall, giving out a special discount to existing customers for each new person who likes or follows his business. Another way is by offering new followers a discount on services if they join the network.

It makes it possible for an individual to inform followers or friends about special offers. It also enables customers to contact the owner of the business or service provider. If clients have some issues, they can post on business’s page wall or even write short messages explaining their problems. This allows the business owner to respond quickly and try to improve the situation. Customers can as well post satisfied experiences with the company on the company’s page, which is among the best ways of advertising (McCorvey, 2010)

Social networking let individuals to share their interests, or like news on present events. People who need to stay conversant can read and share latest news as well. Social network sites also let users to build networks of the like-minded group. Researchers find other scholars to share ideas. Professionals can find possible clients and mutual friends, employers, or business associates. Social networking enlarges the prospects of what kind of contacts people can create in their professional existence (Jackson, n.d.)

Although social network can be beneficial, there are also dangers connected to it. The effect of social networking sites on children and teens’ behavior has been so disturbing. The misuse of this technology is what makes social networking sites bad. There is a possibility for a breakdown of security in both business and personal context (Everyday-wisdom, n.d.). Criminals and scammers are all over the social network sites.

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