In past years, I have had the opportunity to be a leader in various positions. Whether it was with my friends in making group decisions or in student associations at school, I have always loved the challenge of leading a group and the risk of taking the responsibility for several people. Regardless of the responsibilities that accompany each leadership position, I have always relished being the leader, the one people look up to, the one that s credited for the well-being of the group.

When I was captain of my sports team, I was the one in charge of making decisions for the group and the one that mediated when problems arose. I learned how to listen objectively and not let favoritism get in the way of making just decisions. I also learned that, especially when close friends were involved, it wasn’t easy to make the right decision when it would hurt your friend. However, in the long run I would always gain more respect by making the fair decision then in making the bias one and that I was respected as a leader far more often.
This is very similar to the situations I face everyday as a resident advisor. In my role, there are many students who look up to me and turn to me to make the right decisions. When I am called upon to solve disagreements, both parties look to me to make a fair decision and act justly. Even if one of the persons is a close friend of mine, when they are at fault, I need to act without bias and make the fairest decision that I believe is the fair one. I am responsible for managing the well-being of everyone under me and for acting as a voice for everyone and not just for myself.

As a resident advisor, I need to keep everyone’s concerns and well-bring in mind, and remember that I am not in this position only for myself but to represent what’s best for everyone. Because so many people look to me, I need to set an example for them and not break any of the rules that I enforce in others. Not acting hypocritical is something that I always need to remember–it can be easy to tell people to not break curfew rules but much harder when I am the one that is tempted to break the same rule for my own benefit.
Being a leader comes with a lot of responsibility but it is a very rewarding and fulfilling position as well. When I see that the people I am in charge of are happy and trust me and the decisions that I make, it makes my position as a resident leader extremely fulfilling. Because of this, I really like taking on positions of leadership. Not only does it give me a chance to make many friends and be the person they look up to, but it gives me a chance to give back to my community by being responsible, fair and honest.

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