The task is to analyze the interviews of two persons in regards to the aspects of their lifespan development. First of all, the presentation of the characters will help the readers to grasp my following analysis. So, there are two females. One is a girl of 15, from the middle-class family. She is the eldest in the family, her little brother is 7 and parents often leave him with her in order to spend time together without children. She has not got the highest marks at school, but her tutors say she is smart and can reach everything she wants if she will be more committed to success. The other is 27 years old, she has a status of technical translator, and it seems she will reach more in her career. She is single, even does not have a boyfriend as she has little time for rest. She is rather self-confident because she knows that she is able to get what she wants and she has proved this many times. She also has younger brother and this has influenced her character when she was a teen.

Received answers in general turned out to be expected and relevant for the interviewed persons. The answers of the first girl were according to her age: self-confident and sometimes blurted, and behavioral stereotype was met in some answers. The major reason is lack of life experience and desire to seem older. Such behavior is classic for teenagers. The replies of the second were more consistent. She is rather adult to point out her weaknesses and to be proud of her strong sides. Women of her age, which are rather successful in career, stand out with such qualities as self-esteem, they are so called “young ice queens” and prefer equal relations to traditional dominancy of male in relations. So, the received answers were not surprising.

The first question was about breakfast. The answers showed the attitude to life of both persons. One in reality does not have personal established opinion because of having only 15 years old experience. Scarcely, she looks at breakfast as at important healthy element of nutrition, she knows only family traditions. Her bonus is that she understands that such little notion as breakfast should not spoil grandmother-granddaughter relationship. So, she is not a selfish, reckless of consequences teen. Second woman owned up in her weakness in drinking coffee. From the answer it is clear that she had drunk it in larger dozes in earlier times. But then she came to decision to be more attentive to her health and receive one of her bad habits as a present in the morning. It is normal as all people have their big or small shortages. The answer about examples among surrounding people approve my opinion regarding teenagers. The point is every teen has examples from school, family, movies, books, etc. And every teen supposes that he or she is special and independent, and is afraid to confirm that has some examples, even some idols. As for the second answer – it was truthful.

Before the interview when I met the first girl, her manner of talking, hair dress and pink dress had created an impression that the answers will be only yes, no, maybe. She seemed empty with her glad but absent look. Probably, she needs to change her style to overcome the gap between appearance and internal world. The confidence of the second was read from her first step into the room. But such answers as “I am ready to have children”, or “if woman is stronger than man she can be a leader” provide the readers with assumption that she is strong, but only because she has have relevant life circumstances and she is ready to “transfer the reins of power” to her partner in case he will be rather intelligent and smart.

Finally, it is important to say that all learnt information have helped to evaluate persons and their answers at rather adequate level. So, the next step should be evaluation of the deeper individual problems.

These questions are for Gladys and Emily; they have had to answer them.

1. What do you like to eat for breakfast?

Gladys (G): I do not like breakfast at all. But my grandmother forces me to eat cereals with milk. I am not very compliant with people but in this case it is better to agree with her than argue.

Emily (E): cup of coffee, actually, I try to eat healthy food, but coffee is my weakness. This is my present for me: one cup per one day and croissants with cream. I usually have this for my first breakfast, the second is in two hours (according to my schedule of eating) which contains more rich dishes.

2. What is your favorite movie?

G: I like all films with R. Downey jr., especially Sherlock Holmes, where he plays a major part and also I like Keira Knightley. The Pirates of the Caribbean is the masterpiece, I suppose.

E: I believe, I will not be very special or individualistic, but I think movie Gone with the Wind is a movie about a strong woman and strong feelings.

3. What does holiday or some other celebration mean to you?

G: holidays are great, I like them. One problem is clothes. I wish I could wear new clothes at every significant event.

E: I like them, especially, if I do not need to organize them and can only relax and be pleasured with them. I even have column in my budget for holidays.

4. What is your favorite color? Explain.

G: Pink and black. They are bright and tell the world that I have a character.

E: In accordance with my appearance, I need to wear clothes of warm colors. Of course, sometimes I neglect this rule, but in general, I try to buy clothes of one color family. By the way, I prefer warm color palette for the interior.

5. Do you have an example among the people around you?

G: No, I have not.

E: No, I have not. Being a teen, I was trying to copy the behavior of friend. She seemed to me smarter than me in times.

6. Children. Do you like them?

G: They are so cute. I have a brother and it is not a problem for me to spend my time with him.

E: I have no children yet, but I am actually ready for my own one.

7. Is it important to work?

G: Parents says yes, but I cannot say they are workaholics. I think it is cool as you receive your own money.

E: If you want to improve your skills and character you need to work every time, not only at the job but in all areas of your lif,e you should make yourself better than you are.

8. Imagine the situation: you need to be in an office in fifteen minutes, but really you will be there ain 35 minutes. What will you do? Will you notify anybody?

G: Probably, now I need to thank my grandmother as she teaches me to be always and everywhere on time. But in case I will, I think 30 minutes is nothing serious.

E: that is my great problem. I am late every time. I can organize all my time and connect many things together to be done faster, but I cannot win the fight with myself and arrive at places on time. And I really do not know what to do with this.

9. Why do so many people discuss health problems? Is it so important?

G: People which have few interests discuss their health and illnesses. I don’t like such people; it is more convenient to touch upon individual topics.

E: Maybe, because they really worry about health and are afraid to be ill.

10. Male or female: who should be a leading partner?

G: I wish to be a girlfriend of a strong boy, both physically and morally.

E: It depends on a personal character, if a woman is a stronger individual than man, obviously, she will be leader.

11. Do money waste or enhance the person life?

G: My answer is I want to have a lot of money.

E: money is a tool which can color your life in various colors. I believe, money enhance life of people.

12. Do you want to improve yourself in some life aspects or do you accept yourself such as you are now?

G: I want to change many things in my character as I have some complexes and want to overcome them.

E: I like myself now, I try to develop myself all the time and I am going to proceed with this. Yes, there some moments I wish and I will improve.

13. Do you have a dream?

G: Yes, but I will not tell you about it.

E: Yes, I have. And I have almost approached to it.

14. Who is more successful in life: beautiful or intelligent women?

G: intelligent woman is more successful than just pretty, I think, as you need to talk with the person. But if that person will tell you the little things you become bored and will try to leave such person.

E: Both these gifts are strong and can be applied for reaching the goals. It is hard for me to say what is more important: beauty or brains.

15. It is better to have one old friend than 10 new. Do you agree with this statement? Do you have friends? What are they?

G: I have one best friend and I love her very much. We will be great friends even when we will be adults.

E: I agree with this proverb, as I have two friends: one from my school, the second from the college. To my regret, we can see each other seldom because we live in different towns. I can say we have similar characters.

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