What was your experience when you were informed of the diagnosis?

At first, I was overly devastated. In the first two weeks, I went into depression as the experience was hard to handle. However, through family and medical practitioners support, I was able to overcome negative attitude towards breast cancer. Henceforth, I sought appropriate medical attention to alleviate the situation. Who gave you the news?

My personal doctor when I was undergoing routine check-up. What treatment did you choose?

After a thorough screening, my personal doctor advised me to undertake surgery, because the disease was approaching the late stage of development. The infected left breast was to be removed to facilitate recovery. However, the surgery combined with other breast cancer treatment such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The associated treatments were meant to prevent the spread of the cancer to the right breast.

How was pain managed?

I managed pain through the use of conventional methods. These included antidepressants and pain relievers such as codeine and morphine.

How were you treated by other people?

Cancer patients are prone to depression. Therefore, close relationship with friends and family members helped to overcome depression and associated effects of the cancer treatment process.

What aspect of the illness was the most difficult?

The aspect of undertaking a surgical operation to remove one part of my aesthetic body was significantly hard. The thought of replacing one of my breasts with synthetic implant was equally difficult to ponder. However, the ray of hope and the aftermath of the surgery motivated me to go ahead with the operation.

What lessons did you learn from this experience?

I learned that it is paramount for people to undertake cancer diagnosis programs with much respect. This will facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of the disease. Furthermore, family and friends relationships play an integral part in cancer recovery.

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