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Health refers to a level of metabolic efficiency that is accompanied by a state of complete mental, physical, and social well-being of a human (Hunnicutt, 2010). This does not merely mean a condition whereby a living being is not affected by any disease or infirmity. Health is a dynamic situation that results from body’s adjustment and adaptation in response to the environmental changes. These adjustments and adaptations are meant to maintain the inner equilibrium which is referred to as homeostasis. Each day many people are working diligently to keep fit and improve on their health conditions. In this paper, the focus is based on the factors that have a great impact on health in my community, and the effects that economies pose on health care access.

Factors Influencing Health

Health has been a great concern for many people. Long and deep researches have shown several factors that have had both positive and negative influence on the state of health in many communities. Some of these factors that have influenced health in my community include the diet that we take, lack of exercise, and ignorance of doctor’s instructions and failure to make a follow up with the doctor where necessary.


The diet that we take plays a big role in the well-being of humans and has great contribution to the healthy status of a person. Nutrition research shows that the impacts due to good food choices are positive, while those of poor diets are negative and long lasting. According to Merino (2012), a healthy diet gives the essential nutrients to the body in order to perform, maintain wellness and protect the body against diseases. Indians whose dietary patterns follow the right modes of diet balancing have little or no incidence of major chronic diseases. Most of the diets that people in this community are heavy in saturated fats, refined carbohydrates, partially-hydrogenated oils and foods that are highly processed. Heavy and continued intake of these foods has an effect of obesity and cholesterol accumulation in the human being’s blood veins. As a result, one may consequently suffer from diseases that are associated with obesity and cholesterol accumulation in blood veins. Some of these diseases are type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancers, heart attack and high blood pressure. Therefore, nutrition should involve the relationships that exist between us and other people. This way, we will be able to learn to make wise decisions about what and how to eat to help each other.


Doing exercise is a vital activity that helps not only to keep the body fit, but also in respiratory activities. As one gets involved in vigorous activities, their bodies become more vibrant and active. Fennell (2010) argues that exercise helps in burning excessive fat in the body that leads to obesity. Lack of exercise is one of the major reasons behind various chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and heart attack, high blood pressure and high risk of developing cancer. The major effect of lack of exercise is obesity which is the primary cause of heart attack and high blood pressure. These develop due to the accumulation of a lot of fat in the body that in turn blocks the blood veins. Therefore, exercise increases metabolic rate in the body, which has an effect on the fat that is accumulated in the veins. Consequently, it leads to the reduction of fats in the body and reduce risks of developing related diseases.

Doctor’s instructions and follow up

Many people in today’s world tend to ignore doctor’s prescriptions on medication and advice on how to feed and carry out their activities. Follow up involves consistent medical checkups that may include a review of medical history and physical exam of the patient. Making a follow up with the doctor is vital as it helps to identify any changes in health. Also, during follow up, one is engaged in support groups, physical therapy, genetic counseling, home care services, nutrition counseling, and occupational therapy. People are able to protect themselves against diseases and maintain good health both for themselves and for other people. Some diseases, such as high blood pressure and cancer, develop without the knowledge of a person. Making follow up with the doctor helps one to acquire knowledge on how to prevent these diseases and how to carry on if one has any one of these diseases.

Effect of Economy on Health Care Access

The effects of economics in any organization can be observed directly from the progress of the organization. Many people who are not financially stable are not able to get the access to the healthcare services. This is because they are not able to pay their medical bills and other health services that are vital. Consequently, individuals, diagnosed with certain diseases, are left unattended due to financial constraint.

In conclusion, people should be selective on what they feed on for the benefit of their health. Moreover, they should pay frequent visits to the doctor in order to know the state of their health and learn how to cope with certain diseases. The government should ensure that there is a subsidiary on medical products and tax charges are moderately regulated to ensure that the available medical products are affordable my majority of people.

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