A health care consultant has several responsibilities in forming an umbrella organization. The umbrella organization is intended to ensure that local health care centers function properly and have all the necessary requirements. As a consultant, the services that are required of an umbrella organization include evaluating and assessing the structure of the local health centers, so as to determine the solutions to be taken. More so, the consultant umbrella organization needs to analyze the existing research related to the health centre and perhaps interview some employees to get additional information (Bond, 2004). To form an umbrella organization, the consultant will be required to engage a local approach to the problems at hand on the local basis. This includes health care challenges like toxic waste products, persistent diseases, as well as natural disasters.

The umbrella organization is linked to a machine that has several parts that must work together in the achievement of a sole function. For instance, a vehicle is a machine with different parts. All the parts function differently to ensure the vehicle performs its function at last. Thus, the metaphor of the umbrella organization being formed from several health care centers suits the notion of a machine. Therefore, to ensure the proper functioning of the machine (umbrella organization), there ought to be the linkage and involvement of other bodies like the government, as well as the local people to ensure a smooth operation. Another function of the umbrella organization is to minimize the spread of infectious diseases in order to minimize the mortality as well as morbidity rate. The umbrella organization should also have excellent communication systems to ensure a faster flow of information to individuals at risk. For instance, in the modern world, almost everyone has the expertise to handle Internet. Therefore, with unlimited social networks and web telecommunications, news of a contagious disease could easily reach people. This helps them to get a psychological and physical preparation.

The international heath care organization also acts as disease surveillance among people. This is the process of finding about the existing as well as new diseases in a certain area. Disease surveillance also entails regulating the level of chronic illnesses and drug abuse (Alberta, 2010). This is achieved through setting up several seminars to educate people on the chronic illnesses, as well as how to adopt healthy living standards. Disease surveillance is a complex activity that involves adequate research and concentrates on the diseases spread through close contact as well as being intimate. The formation of an umbrella organization also helps in assembling all the assets together into a complex system of functions. Merging will help to form the largest organization in the region ever, with all the required facilities by the patients. For instance, some of the local healthcare departments may not have some complex machines for treating diseases like cancer, as well as performing some unique operations. By merging the system into one, the machines could be available from one of the departments. There is also another option of purchasing the equipment from the collective funds gathered from all the departments.

The umbrella organization ought to cut down the cost of duplication of materials as well as aim at utilizing the limited resources as a way of improving their services. The umbrella organization’s major goal is to implement the target of all the target departmental hospitals in order to serve the nation in the best manner. To start with, the umbrella organization should prepare a detailed business plan and incorporate all the services that are required. This would give an insight to potential investors in health care hence more support. Consequently, the business plan is accompanied by strategic planning, which gives a clear outline about guiding principles of the umbrella health care organization (World Health Organization, 2011).

The strategic planning is accompanied by performing the operations. This includes allocating the available resources and employing inventive schemes to handle patients. The umbrella organization may, for example, come up with a four-year healthy plan to show the targets, objectives as well as performance indicators. The national plan is usually made available to all members and should be updated on regular basis. The umbrella organization also needs to plan the hospital capacity. The consultant draws several aspects of the expensive equipment alongside the overall capital investment. For instance, the bed capacity of a hospital should be a major consideration to the consultant. Patients at any hospital need to be handled with care, thus there should be enough room as well as beds to cater for the sick properly.

There is also the aspect of legislative planning about the umbrella health care organization. As a consultant, all the lawful documents need to be processed fast to ensure that organization operates lawfully. A health care center requires the approval from the ministry of public health after it attains the expected standards. This goes along with excellent services that they ought to offer to the public. The Hospitals registry Act also plays a major role in ensuring that they inspect the upcoming hospitals before they give their final approval. All the above processes begin from the signing of all the officials from each local department of health care. They should form a committee that prepares their constitution, and more so, to represent their views to the government. The committee also ensures that all the workers are attached to the nurses or doctors’ trade unions to ensure their rights as medical practioners are represented.

The board committee formed to govern the umbrella organization should visit several other hospitals to assess their operations and maybe borrow their strategies. For instance, the Chief Executive Officer of the umbrella health care (machine) could institute a major medical educational program. The program is intended to pay regular visits to the country, while giving people free medical treatment as well as creating awareness on several diseases. This may be a government funded project or donor funded program. Most donors give huge amounts of money to ensure that health care is reachable to all citizens in the globe. Through such channels, the umbrella organization takes the responsibility to give the voluntary services to the community. This is how children, for instance, get free vaccinations to prevent some contagious outbreaks like measles and polio (Tulenko, 2009). More so, the provision of Anti-Retroviral (ARV) for free is also an example of an educational program by the umbrella organizations. Several people have benefited from this programs and the number of rampant death of HIV/AIDS victims has reduced drastically.

The leadership could also be divided into two groups, the above discussed Chief Executive Officer and the governing body. The governing team should work along with the executive manger to meet the expected goals. The governing body in the umbrella organization comprise of the medical staff. The decisions are not made in the organization without their consultation. For instance, the patients’ diagnosis is determined by the licensed medical practioners. The medical practioners plans and provides a lot of services to meet the expectations of the patient. The governing body also ensures that the provision of adequate healthcare information is made available by the executive body to their clients.

The establishments as well as promulgation of the mission statements and visions of the hospital are duties left to the governing body. This is done by attaining the fiduciary report of the umbrella organization that is based on the trust from the members. The organizational members should build trust among each other as they carry out their tasks. This could be achieved through advising one another on the complex medical decisions. If there is no cooperation within the workers, the services rendered to the public would be lenient. Several health care organizations have suffered disorganization before, which has led to poor services. The fiduciary report depends on the systems thinking of whether to compensate for the errors done by the members.

Such compensation strategies include giving cash to the affected individuals or free medical services to them. For example, there may be a wrong medical prescription to the patients, which might lead to their demise. It is the responsibility of the governing body to ensure that the right action is taken (Johns Hopkins Medicine, 2011). Some people could lose trust in such hospitals as has been the case in several parts of the world. These cases are usually brought about by negligence or incompetence of the medical practitioner. The umbrella organization ought to do everything possible to prevent such cases.

The umbrella organization also oversees that the health standards are maintained in the local departments. This is by appointing subsidiary committee at local levels to pay regular visits to individuals, while collecting data about the nature of progress. For instance, some individuals do not maintain high levels of cleanliness in their homesteads like having pit latrines. This could cause cholera outbreak to the whole village due to the constant use of contaminated water from the local rivers and other water sources. During the rainy season, the waste products from the forests, which are often used as latrines all collect to the water sources. The people in turn go to fetch the same water for their domestic use. The subsidiary committee, therefore, should ensure they impose on the individuals to dig their pit latrines, failure to which, drastic measures should be taken. The subsidiary committee also ensures that there are no cases of ignorance to take children to the hospital in time for the right vaccinations. Some individuals have barbaric believes in weird denominations, which forbids them from taking medication. Once their children are born, they are exposed to diseases due to lack of proper health care. This causes a lot of infant deaths. However, it could be controlled through the umbrella organization. The main goal in such cases is bent on giving every individual the right to proper medical treatment.

The umbrella organization must come up with rules of solving conflicts within the workers. This incorporates the formation of a conflict management strategy. For instance, there should be the guidance and counseling department to address issues of that nature. It is obvious that people must differ naturally in their manner of doing things. Such conflicts could bring adverse effects to the general operation of the umbrella organization. Thus, the consultant should ensure the guidance, and counseling conflict management team has adequate personnel to address the arising matters. The conflict management task is achieved through creating a firm communication channel among the workers, as well as a properly defined duties and responsibilities of each personnel. Seminars and workshops are usually helpful in such scenarios, since they educate people on good work ethics as well as the importance of maintaining a good working relationship among each other. The outcome of the seminars training on ethics changes people’s perspective on their work roles and cooperation level as conflict mangers.

The executive healthcare officials should go for regular intensive trainings to gather more exposure to the health care knowledge. The global arena has proven to be extremely competitive, especially with the setting up of more hospitals. This implies that the umbrella organization must be at par with the global standards. The mere strategy to accomplish this objective is by ample research as well as exchange programs. The exchange programs enable medical practioners from other parts of the country to travel to foreign countries and deliver their services there. The medical training offered in diverse parts of the world is totally special in its own way. This gives credit to some countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom (United States Department of Labor, 2009). Their medical training as well as facilities has been the base of most training in the world. Thus, the upcoming health organizations should heavily borrow from them and create links, so as to fully benefit from them. This is done through the Health Care Initiatives (HCI) that serves as collaboration basis for further advancing of health care forums. HCI also engages the faculties and the alumni students to make impacts to the medical world through employing the acquired skills. This reduces some of the costs in the training of individuals due to the voluntary services.

In conclusion, the umbrella health care organization fits to be a machine. It has several departments all working towards attaining the best medical care to the people. The umbrella organization is meant to improve the health care services and saving on extra cost. The combined man power has a high probability of receiving government support, rather than the minor health care centers. Therefore, mergers in health care organizations are highly encouraged in the world to incorporate all the services needed in a hospital. The umbrella health care organization will meet all the social needs of the local community. This involves taking care of the local interests in the field of medicine. For instance, the umbrella organization should allow the local students specializing in nursing skills work there without discrimination. This will build a mutual work relationship within the health care workers and their juniors. Through this, the community benefits fully from the merger. A specialized and solid system works better than any other, a reason as to why the umbrella organization should campaign for more health care units to join them. There would be no harm in incorporating other departments; instead the medial world will stabilize with time. This is and has been the goal of all medical personnel in the world.

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