Born, C. (2007). The technology-ready school administrator: Standards-based performance. New York: Greenwood Publishing Group.

This book offers expert research work on how school administrators can use different technologies to improve the performance of their students. The book draws from a wide spectrum and uses illustration to show the improvement in the performance of students in different schools.

Chapelle, C. A., & Douglas, D. (2006). Assessing language through computer technology.Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

This is a course book written by professionals in the area of application of computer technology in schools. It highlights how different technology tools can be used to assess the performance of students in schools. The book uses examples of modern technologies in assessing the performance of students in language.

Kelly, M. G., & Haber, J. (2006). Resources for student assessment. ISTE. Interntl Soc Tech Educ.

The material highlights different technological resources available for students in elementary and high schools and the level of uptake in the use of technology applications in learning. It highlights the influence of education technology on the level of performance of students in different schools and also points on both the positive and negative influences of computer technologies in schools.

Liu, L. (2009). Evaluation and assessment in educational information technology. New York: Routledge

This book brings out the evaluation and assessment procedures of different information technology tools that are available to schools and how these tools are likely going to influence the overall performance of students in schools at different levels.

Penrod, D. (2005). Composition in convergence: The impact of new media on writing assessment. New York: Routledge.

This is a professional text book for scholars and researchers written by an experienced expert in matters of education and technology. The book offers great examples and illustrations of how technology has influenced the overall performance of students in schools. It also highlights how assessment of student using technology tools can positively influence education.

Richtel, M. (2011). In classroom of future, stagnant scores.

This is a highly researched New York Times article that refers to some of the experts in the education sector. The article provides an insight on the influence of computer technology on school performance and also the assessment of students.

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