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Annotated Bibliography: American Football

Camp, W. (1893). American Football. New York, NY: Harper & Brothers Publishers.

The author of this book, Walter Chauncey Camp was an American football player, a coach, and well known sports writer. The book is a historical republishing of the original book by Walter Camp. Walter Camp was a sports writer who was referred to as the Father of American Football. The book is basically about the progress of the sport football in his country.

Oriard, M (2006). Brand NFL: Making & Selling America’s Favorite Sport. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press.

Michael discovers the creation of the NFL as a large business; it is a multi-media and entertaining enterprise in which Americans are enthusiastic to watch faithfully, and devote their hard-earned funds. Oriard’s book is a superb history of the game and its growth. The author, a previous pro-player, tends to balance football and its qualities.

Gems, G.R., & Pfister, G. (2009). Understanding American Sports. New York, NY: Routledge.

Understanding American Sports is a book that provides discussion and critical evaluation of the routine sporting and leisure events of regular Americans. It includs the big three sports namely football, baseball, basketball, and the best sports heroes. All through the book, the development of American sport is connected to political, social, gender and economic subjects, as well as the alignments and cultures of the multifaceted American society with its diverse regional, cultural, and social diversities.

Goldblatt, D. (2008). The Ball is Round: A Global History of Soccer. New York, NY: Penguin Group.

The main idea of this book is the history of football. The author brings in aspects some politics, great human accomplishments, and disappointments in the American football, stories of survival and tragedy, as well as minor passages that were set in a precise time. In this book, Goldblatt takes a person around a scene essential to the section.

Gruver, E. (1997). The American Football League: A Year-By-Year History, 1960-1969. Jefferson, NC:

Gurver is the author of this book. He mainly concentrates on interviews with football club owners, coaches, scouts, players, broadcasters, and writers from the period, this is an interesting account of the AFL and where it lies in sports of the outstanding account in this book is about a 27-year-old Lamar Hunt who formed the American Football League in 1959.

McFarland & Company, Inc. PFRA Research. (2009). The Journey to Camp: The Origins of American. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

This book topically discusses on the traces of the American football, the author states that history of American football can be found to early varieties of rugby football and association football. The book also contains acknowledges, which consider Walter Campto be the most significant figure in the growth of American football.

Jenkins, S (2007). The Real All Americans. New York: Doubleday.

Sally Jenkins surveys the Carlisle football team with Jim Thorpe and their melodramatic victories over main college football clubs at the beginning of the 20th Century. They were closing in a win over Army in 1912. The explanations of the foundational stages of college football also deliver a wonderful breakdown of the early decades of football. A ruthless and fierce sport, football was subjugated by Ivy League institutions and there was little admiration for the rules and modest spirit of the game.

AFL History – YouTube. YouTube – Broadcast Yourself. Web. 29 Dec. 2011.

This website provides the relevant information on the AFL, and how it was like before the unification.

Anderson, D (1985). The Story of Football. New York: William Morrow and Company Inc.

This book has the major amount of material that shows conflict and conciliation. The author incorporates quotes and evidence from individuals who were there at the beginning of football and facilitated growth of the sport.

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