Description of the Technique

The meditation technique could be described with a set of methods used to improve all areas of life. This meditation includes six stages and is used by millions of people around the world, since it helps to achieve astonishing results in both personal and professional life of people. It is important to turn on the music that is pleasant for people and could help them relax. It also includes deep breathing and relaxed body. Consequently, the mind also becomes clear and people feel much better. The first stage requires people to emphasize on their conscience and focus on peace of their mind. As a result, it helps to relax and gain positive thinking. The second stage is about gratitude. It is important to think about people and being grateful to them for anything, even the minimum efforts, extra attention, time, etc. The third stage requires people to forgive others. It means imagining the person and forgiving him/her anything. The fourth stage resembles the act of visualization. It could relate to one’s future life, including all the positive changes in both personal and professional sides of life. The fifth stage infers the intentions of the day. The idea is to experience the goals to achieve, as well as imagine, the ways of achieving them. Blessing is the final stage, which is all about spiritual empowerment. The goal is to take advantage of the inner energy and use it to perfect the existing life with the purpose to help others (NCCIH, 2015b).

Practical Application

Position of the scientists is the proof that there are many benefits of using meditations as a way to overcome anxiety, depression and stress. It refers to the mental, physical and emotional health of people. Using meditation as a tool to deal with emotional difficulties helps by means of balancing blood pressure. It is also important, since taking advantage of the mindful meditating helps to slow down aging of people. The scientists claim that using meditation of any kind helps to relieve pain, which is effective, similar to the use of morphine and its supplements or other alternatives. At the same time, meditating practice helps people improve their memory, which results in a readiness to overcome anxiety, depression and stress. By statistics, around twenty millions of Americans meditate every day for the reason that it helps them to stop thinking of the negative side of life and concentrate merely on the positive. As a result, the vast majority of situations, in both personal and professional life, change for the better. Simultaneously, it, indeed, helps people to get further in their personal growth and professional development by means of having a valuable instrument to ask proper questions and find the valid answers, applicable to the real life scenarios (NCCIH, 2015a).

The Claims of the Technique Enthusiasts

Inability to deal with stress, depression and/or anxiety today is among the vast majority of problems people face today. In most cases, it is important to remember that various problems will exist forever; however, they could change their reaction to them, which will automatically reduce the negative effect. People need to learn how to cope with a great number of emotional problems that correspond to mental disturbances. As a result, both personal and professional sides of life get worse, including the chronic diseases, emotional difficulties, trauma, etc. Overall, the scientists claim that it is particularly important to understand the nature of negative emotions. The proven experiments indicate that it relates to the intense and tireless anxiety, which leads to the fear of not being able to find a particular solution to the problem. Anxiety also correlates with depression and corresponds to the state of people with extremely low frame of mind. Consequently, it also has a negative impact on people and leaves them hopeless, depressed and even restless. Most often, any kind of stress, depression or anxiety, should have attention from the position of any psychiatrist (Sequeira, 2013).

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Detailed Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Technique’s Efficacy

The collected information claims that the only weakness of using such meditation technique is the inability to apply them when needed. According to various scientists, the efficacy of such meditating techniques depends on the trust of people who use them. Finally, not many people take advantage of meditation, even knowing it could help them. The strengths from the position of the scientists represent a number of steps to get rid from anxiety naturally. Such a set of actions is a form of meditation and are presented in a series of steps below (Simpkins & Simpkins, 2012):

  • Step 1: It is important to do any kind of exercises regularly. The scientists prove that exercising helps to deal with daily routine more effectively, which means that human body could overcome anxiety and better deal with stress and depression of any kind. As a result, people who are physically fit experience less problems with health and, at the same time, have a better mental health, are free from anxiety. It takes as little as thirty minutes every day to add more value to personal and professional life. The outcomes of such exercises are rather efficient. However, it is important to find the form of exercise that is greatly enjoyable, since it increases the effect of help. These workouts could include the goal setting exercises that will also help people achieve consistent results in life and career. It is also important to acknowledge that in case of anxiety and constant stress, one single exercise will not help immediately. For this reason, people should continue working out in order to achieve permanent results. It will also lead to a life with less stress and anxiety along with less emotional problems. Such practice plays a significant role in all kinds of scientific findings, as well as it proves that while maintaining health of the body, people are less likely to experience stress and/or anxiety again.
  • Step 2: Proper meals that are well balanced and free from genetically modified organisms. It is important to consume proper food, in addition to physical exercises. In case people experience more stress, depression and/or anxiety, they should take advantage of meals that add more energy to their organisms, such as vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fats. Such consumption of food helps people improve their immune system, which automatically increases their ability to deal with their negative emotions. The scientists also prove that the combination of proper meals and physical exercises help people cope with various problems. In addition, it makes sense to consume more meals as follows, since it also increases the ability of the body to overcome negative emotions: milk, green leafy vegetables, avocado, blueberries, and cashew nuts. In addition, people should think of consuming vitamins to help their organisms predict stress and/or anxiety. Overall, proper nutrition helps to overcome stress and achieve emotional stability by means of mental concentration. Besides, it is especially valuable to consume less sugar and caffeine, in order to keep more energy in the body and use it for longer time. As a result, this energy contributes to the organism in terms of dealing with depression of any kind.
  • Step 3: Escape from the pointless anxiety, depression and stress. It is important to understand that anxiety, depression and stress are the results of the response of human nervous system. For this reason, it is always better to predict any negative impact of the human problems by avoiding any situation relating to the unfavorable outcomes. The best way to achieve this is to eliminate contacts with people who cannot live without anxiety, depression and stress. Ultimately, it will help to forget about these negative feelings and emotions.
  • Step 4: Consider having some time out. Indeed, spending some time with oneself helps people to clear their mind and involves merely pleasant time and atmosphere. Some examples could include listening to the favorite music, having conversations with incredibly pleasant people and even getting a massage and overall relaxation. Therefore, people experience a number of benefits and are more capable of dealing with negative emotions, such as anxiety, depression and stress.
  • Step 5: Become the part of an interesting community. In all, the benefits of the social engagement are enormous. Thus, communicating with the individuals with good mood and positive emotions helps people to reduce the effect of anxiety, depression and stress. It also helps to increase the ability of people to overcome and predict emotional problems. The scientists explain that such a powerful positive impact is the result of replacing negative emotions with the positive ones. Consequently, the organism produces hormones that are valuable to cope with anxiety, depression and stress. Such management of the communication people have in both personal and professional life helps them control the situations with any possible negative outcomes.
  • Step 6: Understand what leads to the anxiety, depression and stress. Based on the scientific findings, the psychiatrists consider that dealing with these negative emotions is impossible without identifying their nature, as well as the overall cause. It is important to understand that anxiety, depression and stress are the effect and cause in what could help people to solve their emotional problems. Therefore, it makes sense to think of the possible reasons why people could experience anxiety, depression, stress, and identifying the ways they affect them. Afterwards, it is highly important to eliminate the cause and consider the same procedure in the problematic situations every time. In other words, people need to find methods of dealing with their lives by means of understanding the mechanisms of sustaining positive emotions. However, in case it is difficult to achieve the desired effect on one’s own, it is always better to ask for help from a psychiatrist.
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