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Students are “schooled” about plagiarism from the time they are in upper elementary school and begin writing book reports and writing about what they read that others have written. They are told not to take another’s words as their own, and to place quotations marks around those words. As they progress through high school and into college, however, the warnings become harsher and the consequences much more severe.

Graduate students charged with plagiarism face full expulsion from an institution as well as possible legal action, so it is absolutely critical that the complex works they produce are beyond suspicion. As well, they must be perfectly researched, composed and referenced, in order to win the approval of an often unforgiving committee. When seeking assistance from a professional academic writing service, then, the Master’s and the Ph.D. candidate should consider the critical key factors that distinguish from the inferior fraudulent services that are so commonplace. shares the widespread concern that our industry is now filled with so many fraudulent writing services that it is difficult to separate the “wheat” from the “chaff.” We deplore the fact that these companies have given online writing services a bad name in general. In order to preserve our reputation for integrity, then, we are going to compare the policies and procedures we have in place to those of other services, so that any student, anywhere, and at any educational level, can be assured that at, their concerns are fully addressed.

The services of Master-Dissertations The services of other companies
We have the best writers of any service. In order to work for us, these individuals must present verifiable documentation of their degrees and will be required to produce an original piece of writing, the topic for which we provide. Only when these applicant materials are verified and approved by us will the individual begin to write for our service. Our writers collectively possess degrees at all levels and in all academic disciplines, so that we are able to offer academic writing of any type to any student. These writers are legally bound to produce only plagiarism-free products, and they know that we will run a plagiarism check on everything they create. We are unsure relative to where the writers for most other services are found. In order “test” works from them, however, we have found that the quality is poor, the resources are often inappropriate. and that significant portions of these works prove to be plagiarized when scanned. In some instances, it is clear that various pre-written works have been meshed together to form a disjointed and structurally incoherent text.
We do more than check all writing for plagiarism. Our editing staff also checks the authenticity of research, the overall organizational structure of the piece, the grammar and usage, and, finally, adherence to the specified format style. From our “test” cases, we have discovered non-existent resources referenced, rampant plagiarism and/or very poor structure, grammar and usage, as well as serious errors in format style.
Our customer support professionals are available to new and existing clients around the clock. This means that you can call them, email them, or connect to live chat on the site. They are here to answer questions, resolve any issues, and to provide specific pricing to clients with new orders, especially if that order is unique, rare, or highly complex, as graduate level works usually are. We have found that the vast majority of other writing agencies are only available through email and those that offered as live chat are frequently offline. Responses were slow and vague. Specific pricing or discussions of unique and complex orders were both unavailable.
The other practice to which adheres is the client’s ability to contact his/her writer and to receive communication directly from his/her writer. We believe this demonstrates our commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and to providing the transparency that allows clients to know that they actually have a personally-assigned writer. There does not seem to be any method in place for communication or collaboration between the writer and the client. Given the very nature of graduate level works, this lack of communication cannot result in client satisfaction. has a pricing policy that reflects the order, and the cost will vary accordingly. As a graduate student, you should expect to pay more than an undergraduate student. Ph.D. content area specialists who assist with theses and dissertations are highly paid or they would not continue to work for us. We are as reasonable as possible, considering the quality of researchers, writers and editors assigned to graduate level writing. One of the most disturbing things we see on so many writing service websites is the unbelievably cheap prices and the one-size-fits-all pricing that characterizes a fraudulent company. As a student, you know that you get what you pay for, and when you get academic writing for a price that seems just too good, know that it is! You will receive plagiarized and poorly produced work, and you will be very sorry.

If you are a graduate student, you have achieved a significant level of academic success to this point. Facing the thesis or dissertation, however, is a unique challenge, and it is certainly no comment on your intelligence to seek assistance with these complex and difficult works. When you need assistance, whether it is for a single chapter or for the entire piece, do not hesitate to contact the one writing agency that guarantees fully qualified researchers and writers who will collaborate with you to create a stellar finished product.

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