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Submitting a Refund Application

  1. When the order deadline has expired, there are 14 days within which customers can submit a refund request. Plagiarism-related refunds are not time-limited. Nonetheless, a user should deliver a complete report on plagiarism to us that will prove that the order is plagiarized.

Turnitin as well as iThenticate and WriteCheck are among the number of reputable anti plagiarism checkers. Note that appropriately formatted direct quotations, such order parts as questions, bibliography, and table of contents are not to be treated as plagiarism. It is not worth using SafeAssign.com. It underlines direct quotations/bibliography as plagiarism. Handwritten notes on plagiarism presented by the customer cannot be regarded as direct proof.

  1. The company takes no responsibility for the plagiarized text of continuation orders written by the client. Only the sections created by our writers are scanned for uniqueness.

  2. If the order does not meet client's specifications, the issue will be thoroughly analyzed by the Refund Department. If the user's claims are approved, a full or partial refund will be granted by the company. Details on the case will be provided within 3-4 business days.


  1. A free revision can be requested within 2 days (48 hours) after order delivery. After this time frame, a compensation order should be submitted. In case the paper is revised free of charge, no refunds are offered in the future.

  2. If the order contains 20+ pages, the requested changes can be introduced for free within 30 days after the project completion.

  3. A no-cost revision is impossible if the customer alters initial requirements. When urgent order files are provided after the assignment is completed or during the writing stage, an additional order is to be submitted to compensate the work of expert.

  4. If a client wants to make use of a free-of-charge revision service, he/she needs to indicate a new order deadline and provide revision notes. When the guidelines are very complex and it is difficult to reassign the order, a revision period may last up to 24 hours. However, all measures will be taken to provide the corrected file on time.

  5. In order not to miss messages from administration or the writer, every customer should check a personal account/email on a regular basis. Customers often forget to attach fundamental assignment files on time. However, this is the client who should give clear guidelines when filling in the order form or if requested by the writer.

  6. The option of the "Extended Revision" can be chosen when submitting the order. It constitutes only 30% of the paper price. In this case, a free revision time span can be spread from 48 hours to 14 days. A revision inquiry should not oppose original specifications. If no revision demand is made, the additional "Extended Revision" charge is not paid back.

A Full Refund

  1. Every client is granted a 100% refund if the identical assignment was placed twice or double price was set by mistake. It is necessary to cancel an extra order by contacting the Support Department.

  2. A 100% refund will be provided if no writer is found for completing the assignment.

  3. In case of granting a 100% refund, a customer is not supposed to use any files/papers provided by the agency.

A Partial Refund

  1. When the improper page number is provided in the order form, a partial refund is to be offered. A part of the price will be refunded considering the word count details.

  2. Having selected an incorrect writing level (e.g., MA instead of High School), the refund percent can be declined by the Refund Department.

  3. The refund ratio will be recomputed if a client has given contradicting guidelines/comments (e.g., provided files oppose the "Order Description" or client's comments).

  4. Cancelling the order with the assigned writer:

Refund percentage

Passed deadline


10-19% of the deadline


20-29% of the deadline


30-39% of the deadline


40-49% of the deadline


50-59% of the deadline


60%+ of the deadline


*Order cancellation is not applicable if 30% of the initial deadline is rested and writer has been assigned to the paper. Additionally, order cancelling cannot be provided if a writer has already completed and uploaded a work.

Late Verification

  1. If the customer has not confirmed his/her identity (to avoid possible online cheating) on demand of the Financial Department, the deadline for completing the task begins when the necessary verification is received. In this case, a customer should either set a longer deadline or make an additional order to reward writer's work on a hot assignment.

Word Count Issues

  1. We count pages according to the number of words (300 words per page). As to technical orders, they are calculated in a different way as they consist of a large number of calculations. The sum of money a customer will have to pay for the order will be charged by the Writing Department taking the complexity of directions into consideration.

  2. PowerPoint Presentations. Speaker notes are not free. It is necessary to tick the required field in the order form when ordering a PowerPoint presentation. About 100-150 words of speaker notes are supplied by the agency.

  3. Online tests are counted in regard to the number of questions (5) per 1 page. This guideline is also followed when dealing with "multiple choice" questions. For example, a 2-page order should be submitted if there are 10 questions in the assignment.


  1. Additional payment is required for the early delivery. If a service user wants the order to be completed earlier, its cost will be reset and an additional order will need to be placed. In case the project is delivered without an extra payment, no refund is offered afterwards.

  2. If the paper was sent after the imposed time frame and the customer did not approve the deadline extension, a partial refund can be granted at minimum. The price difference will be reconsidered in compliance with the pricing policy of the company published on the webpage.

Order Type

  1. A correct type of task is to be chosen by users (e.g., a customer picked "Questions-Answers" instead of "Book Report"). If no payment has been made, a refund cannot be given.

  2. A customer's paper will be paraphrased when the writer deals with "Rewriting" orders. If a client requests to conduct further research, change sources, write new units, a compensation order is to be provided.

  3. We ask our customers to check their profiles and emails to see whether there are some messages from the Support Department. We appreciate timely answers from our clients, especially when topic approval is required.