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Methodology Chapter Writing

The methodology that a dissertation follows is an important aspect in a research paper. The different methods that are there need to be considered before you start writing the dissertation. The entire dissertation must be organized and presented in a logical thought flow.

When we include different dissertation writing methods let us let you know:

  • There are several parameters that are dependent and independent
  • An example will give you a complete description of the applicants
  • The process to be followed includes the data collection
  • The method needs to be valid, reliable and tried and tested
  • There should be statistics analysis
  • there should be a mention of the boundaries that will not allow you to validate externally

When you ask your questions in an orderly fashion there is the discussion of the results. This might bring forth more recommendations or suggestions for future clinical research.

For a scientific method of writing the dissertation, one must first begin with the hypothesis. After that, you must collect the evidence in support and then you will be able to present your facts coherently and in a structured manner.

When we discuss dissertation methodology all the factors in the paper must be only your work and not taken from somewhere. The writing you present must not have all the details of the critical thinking process rather there must be an in-depth mention of the facts.

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Your dissertation methodology is an important chapter of your research project. In this critical part of your dissertation, you are to define and fully describe the methodology you will use to test your hypothesis and address the problem(s) presented in the Introduction chapter.

It should include:

  • A brief discussion of the methodologies used by previous researchers
  • A full discussion of the methodologies you will use. Point on similarities and differences between those of previous researchers and yours.
  • A justification for the methodologies you have selected
  • A discussion of the instruments used by previous researches and a complete discussion of the instruments and samples you shall use. This discussion must include a justification for your sampling and for the instruments you will be using to collect the data.

This chapter must obviously include a summary of the strengths and weaknesses of the methodologies and instruments used by other researchers on the same problem. This requires a current and completely relevant review of literature, so make sure to conduct a scholarly study of previous research. Thus your design and methodology chapter will be produced in an academically-sound manner.

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