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Ethics essays

The Cause of Negotiations Impasse and Solving Model

Abstract Nobody would argue that negotiations play a pivotal role in many spheres. A modern approach to negotiations, which is quite complicated, rarely results in positive outcomes. In other words, growing negotiation deadlocks have become apparent, which is why a need for a comprehensive strategy for addressing this issue respectively emerged. The following paper elucidates...

The Dominance of Male Chefs

At the present time women can study, work and vote on the same level as men; they became independent and liberated, and the times of sexual discrimination passed long ago. However, there is one sphere that hints on its existence. It is a restaurant industry, namely the art of professional cooking. The fact is paradoxical:...

Advantages of traditional graphic design portfolios

This report examines the advantages of traditional graphic design portfolios over digital portfolios such as those compiled through web-based software in determining a candidate’s skill and aptitude in the graphic arts industry. It assess the drawbacks of digital portfolios in measuring an applicant’s abilities as well as the benefits of the conventional portfolio. Abstract The... Protection Status