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General Agreement

The user, or customer, of Master-Dissertations.com, in accessing the Master-Dissertations.com website, automatically assumes responsibility for reading, understanding, and abiding by all of the terms of the use agreement which follows, as well as any rules or policies contained on the Master-Dissertations.com website.  The user further agrees to be bound by the terms of this agreement and all of the rules or policies of Master-Dissertations.com.


Master-Dissertations.com provides pre-written and custom dissertations, theses, and other works of writing, as ordered by the user.  These works are to be used as examples or models of works that the user may need for a variety of purposes and are not intended to be works which the user may submit as his or her own.   Written works created by Master-Dissertations.com remain proprietary works of Master-Dissertations.com, and the customer agrees to use them appropriately, providing appropriate citation if any part or all of a work is submitted for an academic purpose.  Master-Dissertations.com maintains both copyright and intellectual property right to all that it produces.  Customer further agrees that any purchased work shall not be used for commercial purposes, including sale or posting in any venue which is a profitable endeavor.  Master-Dissertations.com neither fosters nor promotes plagiarism or cheating.

The user is responsible for ensuring that any product ordered through Master-Dissertations.com is used in legal and appropriate ways.  To do otherwise violates intellectual property and copyright law.


In the event the user faces legal or other negative action resulting from the use of Master-Dissertations.com services and/or products, user agrees to hold harmless and to defend Master-Dissertations.com in all such matters.  Master-Dissertations.com shall not be liable for any costs of any action taken against the user, nor is Master-Dissertations.com in any way responsible for any other negative action taken against the user for use of Master-Dissertations.com’s products and/or services.

Policies of Revision and Refunds

Master-Dissertations.com may, as it deems necessary, cancel an order or terminate an order that is in progress.  In this instance, Master-Dissertations.com shall notify the user and fully refund user’s purchase price.

Master-Dissertations.com takes responsibility for complying with all of the instructions of the user as it creates and delivers custom written products to said user.  It is the user’s responsibility to provide details of instructions sufficient for such product creation.  Once a product is delivered to the user, it is the user’s responsibility to ensure that said product meets the original instructions given.  If it should not, the user has 48 hours in which to contact Master-Dissertations.com regarding the issue.  In these instances, Master-Dissertations.com shall revise and/or re-write the work to satisfy the original instructions.  Once the user has possession of the work for 48 hours and has not contacted Master-Dissertations.com with any issue, the sale shall be considered final.

If a user wishes to alter instructions in any after following final delivery, Master-Dissertations.com shall be happy to do so at additional charge to the user.

Master-Dissertations.com Notices

General notices to users shall be posted on the Master-Dissertations.com website, and it is the user’s responsibility to become aware of any such notices.  Individual communication between a single user and Master-Dissertations.com shall occur by email, and user must provide a valid email address with his/her order.

Entire Agreement

The terms and conditions herein stated, and the policies and regulations that appear on the Master-Dissertations.com website comprise the complete agreement between the user and Master-Dissertations.com. 

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