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The Hidden Secrets of Introvert Personality

don't be scared to be an introvert

Carl Young once claimed that every person has both an introverted and an extroverted side, where one is more dominant than the other. Introvert personality has recently become a center of many discussions. In particular, there were some thoughts on whether there are communicative introverts and how introverted side helps people attain success, for example. Moreover, it is important to shed light on the difference between introverts and sociopaths, because many people still confuse them. Being an introvert does not mean hating or avoiding people, or being a loner. Introverts are just more concentrated on the inner world, in particular, inner worries or feelings.
One of the attempts to change the perception of introverts was made by Susanne Cain, the author of the book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking. Cain aims not only to change the way others see introverts but also change something in the way they see themselves. Thus, she debunks some of the widespread myths about introverts (e.g. that all of them can’t put forward any good ideas or cannot overcome challenges, or are shy in general).

In this article we’ve decided to reflect on the most vivid advantages that introverts can boast:

  1. Creative minds.
    Unlike extroverts who derive energy and inspiration from the outer social circle, introverts prefer their inner world of imagination, planning, and fantasy. Thus, it’s no wonder that many introverts become renowned writers, artists, and performers.
  2. Outstanding ability to think outside the box.
    Introverts are totally independent from the public opinion and they do not like commonly accepted rules. They have flexible minds and can thus come up with innovative ideas. Among such famous introverts that can boast their innovative minds are Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, and Mark Zuckerberg.
  3. Attunement to other people.
    Mostly, introverts become fantastic psychotherapists. They have an astonishing ability to empathize and feel for a person. They are sensitive and compassionate to feelings, and thus can better interact with others.
  4. Attentive in observations.
    Introverts might seem shy and quiet in a group, however, their ability to observe and notice things won’t remain unnoticed. They have an eye for detail and are great listeners, which makes them successful in effective communication.
  5. Ability to cope with challenges.
    Introverts usually manage to find some inner strengths to deal with challenges during different life periods. As a result, they can later help others in their struggle for something better.
  6. Ability to establish genuine connections
    Introverts’ attunement to others and sensitivity helps them establish long-lasting and meaningful connections. They do not greatly depend on people around, so they value the quality of a relationship rather than quantity. Being alone is not scary for an introvert, as they have their own inner resources to help them out.
  7. Ability to quietly and steadily change the world.
    Introverts can change the world around even without being excessively socially active. Often they can change the world with their way of self-expression that may be fixed in writing, painting, etc.

Are you surrounded more by introverts or extroverts in your life? Just observe how they communicate and if there is some vivid difference between them. Besides, who do you consider yourself to be: an introvert or an extrovert?

August 3, 2017
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