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Diversity refers to a wide range of differences between people, groups, or other things within some area. In this context, diversity implies that there are different races of people living in the United States. However, because of this difference, many individuals are forced to face serious discrimination from the other party. Racism refers to discrimination among people on grounds of their skin color. In most cases, this is done by the dominating party thanks to their number prevalence. Racism has always been a result of prejudice. When people become racists, they think themselves better and stronger than the other race. As this advances, they treat the opposite race with so much hostility and hatred that it even threatens the lives of the victim race. In the United States, for example, the Caucasian Americans, commonly known as the White Americans, happen to be the dominating race. They often mistreat the Brown Americans and also the Black ones. The essay gives a detailed representation of this as well as possible solutions to racism.

Apathy is the state of unwillingness of a person or group to change into something better. In this, they portray complete indifference over subjects of interest (Powell, 1993). The dominant Caucasian culture in this case expresses this towards the inferior cultures, which constitute Brown and Black Americans. For example, both Brown and White Americans are involved in drug abuse and cases of violence. However, when one goes to penitentiaries, these are the Brown Americans who are found to be imprisoned. In addition to that, during times of war and violence in the region, the Caucasian Americans tend to celebrate loses that are experienced by the minorities. They express such extreme inhumanity towards the inferior communities to the extent of celebrating over their deaths. This shows their lack of sympathy towards the lesser cultures. Caucasian Americans have been greatly influenced by race factor in society today. It is sad to say that even though they celebrate dominion over the rest, they have been negatively affected by it. This exploitation has made most of them more selfish and arrogant (Marger, 2011).

They have been made to always assume authority and to always receive extended favors at the expense of other people. This results in negative outcomes, because when taken to other communities, they will be unable to lead a normal life like other people who are filled with humility and generosity. In the society, there are several factors that contribute or rather cause racism. It is necessary to understand them in order to look for possible ways of solving it. For example, environmental factors, stereotypes, xenophobia and unfamiliarity, selfishness, prejudice, and ignorance are key points. These have been explored below. To begin with, environmental factors have considerably led to this. For instance, most people living in regions that suffered bomb attacks happen to have various brain damages among other affects. This is a result of the extreme radiations and chemicals that impaired a part of their genes (Durant, 1999).

This happens to be a generic problem that cannot be escaped. In addition to that, some people lack proper health care because of the remote environments from which they come. When these people meet other normal people, they are forced to face discrimination for one reason or another. Stereotypes have also increased racism in the society. This is done through movies, television programs, and books among other sources of literature. It is evident that what people feed their minds with is what forms their minds. It will be even fair to conclude that racism results from these stereotypes. For instance, if a person read or watched a certain piece of literature in which racism was practiced or other specific characters from a specific race were depicted as evil ones, then, when they come to meet individuals from that respective race in future or in real life, they are bound to view them as evil. That is one of the ways how racism is developed (Durant, 1999).

Xenophobia and unfamiliarity are other major causes of racism. In this, people happen to be afraid of what they have not associated with in the past. If an individual allows people to mix under such circumstances, then the risk of experiencing racism will be higher. This happens because of the feeling of insecurity when with a stranger. Prejudice, ignorance, and selfishness are also causes of racism. For instance, the brutality of colonialists has not been eliminated from people’s minds. As a result, individuals sharing races with the colonial masters are bound to face discrimination from the rest of society. Other people just prefer to be selfish and ignorant. In such a way, satisfy their needs while discriminating those of different races (Swain, 2002).

In order to improve race relations in America, society must change the information which people perceive with stereotypes. In this, any literature that encourages racism should be banned from the country. In addition to that, racists should be educated and made to adapt responsibility and humanity together with other virtues like generosity while polishing out vices like pride. This is because most of the racists suffer from selfishness and greed. In this, they always wish to dominate and have all that they need at the expense of other races. If these will be done, then the society will have the assurance of solving racism in America, thus, making if fit for the living of all people regardless of their race (Swain, 2002).

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